Do You Have April The Giraffe Fatigue? Vet Says Not Enough Info On Giraffe Births To Accurately Predict Labor

The Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York went live on April the Giraffe on February 23 with news that the now-famous giraffe would be giving birth to a precious calf at any moment. Well, more than six weeks have passed, and despite many reports that April is ready to give birth at any second, she remains pregnant. Some April the Giraffe fans have grown weary of watching her 24/7 live stream at Animal Adventure Park in hopes that they might get to witness the miracle of birth in real time. You can see that live cam here.

April the Giraffe’s pregnancy has been called the most highly-anticipated pregnancy of the year. No joke, this giraffe has more people talking than Beyonce’s twins, and even Toys R Us is involved. It’s unclear why this particular giraffe has captured the attention of the world, especially when several other zoos have successfully birthed giraffe calves in recent months without all the hype and attention. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who are awaiting this live cam birth that literally could happen at any moment at the Animal Adventure Park.

So here’s the thing about April the Giraffe and her ever-changing due date. A normal giraffe pregnancy can last anywhere from 13 to 15 months. Right now, it’s starting to feel like poor old April has been hanging on to her calf for about a million months but, per the Animal Adventure Park officials, she was mated with her trusty giraffe boyfriend Oliver on three different occasions and that means that she could have gotten pregnant during any one of those encounters.

E! News reports that April the Giraffe is 15-years-old and that this will be her fourth calf. Considering that April has given birth a few times before, veterinarians on staff at the Animal Adventure Park should have some idea how she responds during pregnancy and labor. However, there are also reports that giraffe pregnancies and births, in general, are something that veterinarians haven’t studied deeply, so predicting the actual due date for April is very tricky. This is why everyone has been waiting for so long while watching the April the Giraffe live cam with the expectation that she could give birth any day now.

As April the Giraffe fatigue sets in, there have even been reports that some live cam and Facebook users have been causing trouble on Animal Adventure Park fan pages. There was even an issue recently where some animal rights activists reported the Facebook pages for nudity and inappropriate content, although we all know that Facebook should have no problem sharing April’s live birth on the social media platform.

As far as being able to tell when April the Giraffe is actually in labor and ready to give birth, it’s hard to tell. Jordan Patch recently told WUSA that April’s keepers won’t really know that the moment has arrived for sure until they see the baby giraffe literally starting to come out. So far, April the Giraffe’s water has not broken, and there are no sure signs that she is in active labor. Once she is, the birth of April’s calf should come pretty fast.

Typically, a giraffe is able to keep many of their labor signs a secret due to the danger in their natural environment. If their predators could sense a pregnant giraffe about to give birth, neither the mother or baby would survive. That’s why it’s so hard to predict exactly when April the Giraffe will give birth. Of course, that is made even more difficult considering that she was mated on three different occasions, and her keepers aren’t sure which time took.

Even though April the Giraffe fans are starting to wonder if she’ll ever give birth, we’ve been assured that she’s not in distress and she’s not even late in giving birth. It’ll all happen in its own good time when April is ready. In the meantime, let’s just hope that everyone can overcome their April the Giraffe fatigue and also be available when it is finally time to tune in and see the live giraffe birth.

Those who are serious about tuning in to watch April the Giraffe give birth on the Animal Adventure Park live cam can now sign up for text alerts that will let them know exactly when to turn their computers on. You can sign up for the text updates on April the Giraffe’s website and take a break from watching the live cam day and night in fear of missing out on the big moment. Let’s just hope she doesn’t keep us waiting until May or later!

Once April the Giraffe does give birth, the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, plans to reveal the baby giraffe’s gender and hold a baby naming contest to help pick a moniker for the already-famous newborn.

Do you have April the Giraffe fatigue? Tell us how long you have been watching the Animal Adventure Park live cams and make your prediction for when April will finally give birth in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Anky/Shutterstock]