The Weeknd Glad Bella Hadid Feud Is Over, Finally Plans Alleged Wedding With Selena Gomez?

The Weeknd is glad that Bella Hadid is finally moving on from their infamous breakup, sources claim.

According to Hollywood Life, the R&B singer felt as if Bella was never going to get off his case after it was revealed that the 27-year-old had quietly started seeing Selena Gomez just days after ending his romance with Hadid.

The Weeknd put himself in an awkward situation when the news came out considering the supposed fact that Selena and Bella were friends.

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It was claimed at the time of Selena and The Weeknd’s get-together in December that the only reason why Bella had called it quits with the “Starboy” hitmaker was because their schedules wouldn’t allow them to be together as much as they would have liked to.

It goes without saying, however, that Hadid was hopeful they would reconcile once they would have more time to see one another, but before she knew it, The Weeknd was having dinner dates with Gomez, somebody that the 20-year-old had considered a close friend.

And while she was livid about the relationship, sources tell Hollywood Life that the stunning beauty has accepted the romance for what it is, and while she has no plans on speaking to Selena and The Weeknd again, she wants to move on from the drama and leave them be.

After being unfollowed by the couple on Instagram this week, Bella reportedly came to the realization that it was time to move on and end the feud. While she doesn’t see it in herself to ever have a conversation with The Weeknd or her former pal, she wants to distance herself from the drama and the headlines that have attached her to their romance.

“He’s [The Weeknd] relieved that Bella appears to be doing well,” a source alleges.

“He’s completely wrapped up with Selena and hopes Bella can feel the same way about someone else new too. The Weeknd thinks Bella is an awesome woman and any guy would be lucky to date her. Or even better, call her their girlfriend.”

Bella recently admitted in an interview that she has no plans on dating in the near future, stressing that she’s mainly focusing her attention on her career. It appears that the breakup with The Weeknd was painful enough for her to take a break from dating other guys.

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Earlier this year, when The Weeknd and Selena’s romance was confirmed, it was also claimed that Bella’s sister Gigi, who was known to have been very close pals with Gomez, had reportedly distanced herself from the “Hands To Myself” songstress.

Gigi supposedly stood by her sister’s side, Vanity Fair reveals, feeling it was inappropriate for Selena to date The Weeknd without even bothering to give Bella a heads up on the romance before going public with it. It gave the sisters the impression that Selena did not care to let them know about her relationship with The Weeknd; it didn’t bother her either way whether they knew or not.

News of Hadid reportedly moving on from The Weeknd comes just weeks after reports claimed that the “Can’t Feel My Face” star has already talked to Selena about the potential of tying the knot.

While their romance is still rather fresh, sources gush that the duo have already spoken about their future together and from what insiders have gathered, The Weeknd and his girlfriend are both on the same page — they certainly see themselves getting married eventually.

As to when The Weeknd is planning to propose to Selena, that has yet to be determined, but considering that the 27-year-old is currently on tour, it doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.

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