Kylie Jenner Wants Tyga Begging On His Knees Before She Takes Him Back After ‘KUWTK’ Breakup

Kylie Jenner wants Tyga begging on his knees before she even considers the idea of taking him back, it has been reported.

Kylie Jenner and her on-again, off-again beau supposedly called it quits just over a week ago, with one source stressing that the 19-year-old grew tired of the drama that surrounded Tyga, adding that she couldn’t cope with it anymore.

Aside from allegations that the “Faded” rapper was often choosing the partying lifestyle over a quiet night with Kylie Jenner, the socialite was bothered by some of the comments his baby’s mother, Blac Chyna, had made on Snapchat, insisting that the 27-year-old was gay.

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Chyna claimed she had evidence that would prove Tyga had allegedly been hooking up with men — an allegation which the rapper has yet to confirm or deny, BET reports.

Whatever the case may be, Kylie Jenner doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Blac has a reputation for spreading fabricated lies about people in the past, and Kylie is fully aware of that, but it’s not even the cheating allegations that has bothered her.

The supposed fact that Tyga was putting friends before their relationship was more of the deciding factor of whether Kylie Jenner wanted to stay with her boyfriend of two years or not.

But now that they’ve been apart from one another for just over a week, Kylie Jenner is said to be missing Tyga more than ever. She’s trying her hardest to keep it together and not reach out to him, but according to insiders, Kylie doesn’t want to be the first to make the move and try to make the romance work again.

Instead, Kylie Jenner is hopeful that she can teach Tyga a lesson to make her a priority over those who aren’t as important as her. In her mind, she’d forgive her rapper boyfriend in an instant, with the exception that he’d apologize to her by crawling on his knees.

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She wants him to understand how hurt she’s been by the drama, the allegations and the sudden split, so if Kylie Jenner was to make the first move and try to work things out with Tyga, the breakup would have been for absolutely nothing.

“Kylie [Jenner] hasn’t seen Tyga in person for a week or so because they’re on a little split,” an insider made it known to Hollywood Life. “She’s on his page constantly, seeing if there are any new girls lining his pictures and seeing if he’s posting pics of other girls and whatnot.”

“She tries so hard not to like his pics, but she’s so used to double tapping on all his photos that it’s become second nature. She misses him, but she wants him to be the one to come crawling back to her. She’s always giving into him and she’s trying hard not too this time around.”

News of Kylie Jenner wanting to reconcile with Tyga comes just days after reports claimed that the social media fanatic was struggling to accept the fact that she could no longer spend time with King Cairo, her ex-boyfriend’s 4-year-old son.

From what Hollywood Life has gathered, it seems evident that Kylie Jenner will reconcile with Tyga, but at this given point, it’s unclear as to who is going to make the move first. Kylie has grown to accept the fact that she doesn’t want to be apart from the man she’s spent two years of her life with.

Kylie Jenner is willing to work on whatever issues are stopping her from having a happy relationship with Tyga, but in order to make that happen, the “Rack City” hitmaker would also have to pull his weight.

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