Kendall Jenner Unapologetic Over Pepsi Controversy: Why ‘KUWTK’ Star Has Hesitated To Apologize

Kendall Jenner has yet to respond to the controversy behind her Pepsi commercial, with reports fearing that the model could end up choosing not to comment on the matter at all.

Earlier this week, as revealed by Wired, Pepsi dropped their newest commercial, showing Kendall Jenner taking part in a photo shoot before joining a group of protestors who appear to be marching for social justice.

When Kendall nears a police officer, she hands him a can of Pepsi, which many interpreted as meaning that by drinking Pepsi soothes the issues the world has been facing more several decades — the overall message behind the ad seemed distasteful to many.

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In fact, the controversy was so intense that the company issued an apology two days later, adding that the commercial will no longer be running on television, but the damage had already been done since active users on social media had shared their concerns in full effect.

Some questioned why Kendall Jenner would have taken part in the commercial to begin with, stressing that just by reading the concept of the advert, it should have been a red flag that the idea would receive backlash.

Reputation expert Eric Schiffer tells Hollywood Life that Kendall Jenner is handling the situation very badly — so much that her brand is on the line right now. By not even acknowledging the scandal and apologizing is making her look very bad, which could potentially backfire on her.

Schiffer stresses that controversies like these, especially with those concerning celebrities, can be detrimental to one’s career — especially when they are perceived as being negative. With a booming career ahead of her, Kendall Jenner should at least have the decency to make an apology on her behalf, noting that she was sorry, Eric continues.

“Kendall should share her regrets with the public, and reaffirm her sincere apology to people mad over Pepsi’s imagery. She is getting attacked by critics and a large part of the public,” before stressing that choosing Kendall Jenner in the first place was “not a great celebrity brand choice.”

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“To not speak up is a threat to Kendall’s brand in its current iteration as a modern icon for young women. Show authentic regret for her part of a visual story that’s created so much outrage in people. She feels like the whole world hates her. She’s never had to deal with this kind of backlash, she’s so upset.”

Momager Kris Jenner initially gushed about Kendall Jenner’s performance in the commercial, thanking Pepsi for making her daughter’s dreams come true. But ever since the backlash, Kris has also remained silent on social media, refusing to acknowledge the mishap of the commercial, which, again, is only going to worsen things for Kendall’s career, Schiffer concludes.

It’s unclear whether or not Kendall Jenner will apologize at all at this given point. Some believe that the model will most likely use the platform of the family’s reality show to address the matter — which makes sense considering that the show has more or less become the Kardashians’ outlet to set the record straight on controversial subjects that concern them.

Earlier this week, Kendall Jenner flew to Paris, France, where she’s busy working on her next modeling gig. It goes without saying, however, that giving some kind of statement is expected from the Kardashian camp in the next few days, with Kris Jenner being the first to acknowledge the mistake in Kendall taking part in the commercial.

It may not be how the family truly feels about the matter, but in order to avoid the chances of Kendall Jenner’s career being ruined by this one commercial, it seems rather wise.

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