Tom Cruise Makes ‘Mission Impossible 6’ Possible: Crazy Stunts On The Cards As Filming Begins

The filming for Mission Impossible 6 has begun, and with Tom Cruise, we can expect dangerous too-close-to-call stunts again. Shooting in Paris, Tom Cruise was spotted doing a car chase scene in the city of love. Driving an old-fashioned BMW, Cruise raced around Paris in a dizzying scene, as his co-star, Sean Harris, who was placed into a straight jacket, held on for dear life in the front seat.

Tom Cruise: Making All the Stunts Possible

Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise, stars of Mission Impossible, at Cinemacon
Tom Cruise introduces Rebecca Ferguson at Cinemacon 2015 [Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

Cruise is famous for doing all of his own stunts, and we expect nothing less in this latest installment of this blockbuster franchise. Tom, who does not look like he could possibly be 54-years-old, was wearing a dark bomber jacket and jeans, the look which has become synonymous with his character, Ethan Hunt.

Before getting behind the wheel of the BMW, the actor made sure to stretch. The crew then started filming the chase and shoot scenes. The car is involved in a collision and the bonnet flies open. Jumping out from the car is co-star Sean Harris who is still in his strait jacket.

Tom Cruise is believed to be performing the biggest stunt of his career in Mission Impossible 6. The CEO of Skydance Media has prepared audiences to expect more impossible stunts from this legendary actor, reports the Daily Mail.

“What Tom is doing in this movie I believe will top anything that’s come before. It is absolutely unbelievable—he’s been training for a year.”

“It is going to be, I believe, the most impressive and unbelievable thing that Tom Cruise has done in a movie, and he has been working on it since right after Rogue Nation came out. It’s gonna be mind-blowing.”

Images of Tom and Sean have also emerged where they are seen on the rooftop of the French Ministry of Finance. It is also believed that they will have an encounter with riot police and it is rumored that there may be a helicopter escape.

Mission Impossible Filled With The Who’s Who Of Actors

Mission Impossible Stars Tom Cruise Rebecca Ferguson Sean Harris
Mission Impossible Stars Sean Harris, Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise [Image by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]

The original Mission Impossible set the stage for one of Tom Cruise’s defining roles. This landmark movie is now 21-years-old, yet Tom Cruise is still playing the super fit and daring Ethan Hunt.

Besides Sean Harris, Mission Impossible 6 also stars Alec Baldwin, Superman’s Henry Vail, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, and Vanessa Kirby who is well known for her role in The Crown. In fact, Tom may be one of the leading reasons that Vanessa got the role as he recommended her after watching her play Princess Margaret in this series. It is said that he loved her work so much and that “Tom flipped for her work,” and this spurred him on to have her on Mission Impossible 6.

“He told the other MI producers that he had to have Vanessa for a crucial role in the franchise’s sixth instalment.”

“He’s blown away by her endless charm and energy.”

Mission Impossible Synonymous With Tom Cruise

The previous Mission Impossible had Tom clinging mid-air onto an A400 airplane. Tom admitted to being hot under the collar at the stunt.

“It was intense, I’m not going to lie.”

Simon Pegg was full of praise for his co-star and the miraculous stunts he performs. He spoke respectfully of Tom Cruise as an actor.

“He’s one of the last movie stars, if not the last movie star of his kind.”

“And that’s partly because we don’t really know Tom Cruise. Nobody really knows Tom Cruise.”

Mission Impossible 6 faced a hurdle in its production due to salary negotiations with Tom. Besides Paris, the movie will also be filmed in New Zealand and London.

[Featured Image by Markus Schreiber/AP Images]