Casey Anthony Reportedly Pregnant And Engaged Six Years After Daughter's Murder Acquittal

In 2008, little Caylee Anthony was reported missing and in 2011, her mom, Casey, was acquitted of her murder. Now, Casey Anthony is reportedly engaged and (once again) pregnant. The news comes just weeks after Casey inexplicably returned to the public eye with an unexpected Associated Press interview in which she spoke publicly about her daughter's death and her subsequent trial for the first time.

Casey Anthony, in her recent interview, claimed that despite the death of her 2-year-old daughter in 2008, she now "sleeps pretty good at night," adding that she "doesn't care" what the world thinks of her. She also spoke of the potential of having another child, saying that she didn't know if she was "dumb enough" to have another kid, going on to say that she wasn't sure if she could handle watching her hypothetical new child be bullied simply because its mother would be Casey Anthony, often referred to the "most hated mom in America."

Even so, Casey Anthony admitted that a new child would be "a blessing." Despite the fact that the judge who presided over her murder trial recently said publicly that he believed that it was likely that Casey Anthony had killed Caylee "accidentally" by way of chloroform.
"If I am blessed enough to have another child — if I'd be dumb enough to bring another kid into this world knowing that there'd be a potential that some … little snot-nosed kid would then say something mean to my kid — I don't think I could live with that."
Now, Hollywood Life reports that a source close to Casey Anthony is claiming that the infamous tot mom, now 31-years-old, is not just considering another child, but that she is actually already pregnant with baby number two. What's more, Casey is also said to be engaged to the soon-to-be baby's daddy. According to the unnamed "friend" of Anthony, the pregnant and engaged center of one of America's biggest and most controversial recent criminal trials is still in her first trimester, and that Casey is lauding this new baby as her "second chance."

The source also claims that Casey is well aware that when the world realizes she's pregnant again, she's going to be the subject of serious public scrutiny -- and that she doesn't care.

"Casey knows there will be an onslaught of attention and pubic outcry once people find out that's pregnant. But she doesn't care."
So who is Casey Anthony engaged to? Who's the "baby daddy"? The anonymous source isn't saying, other than to confirm that he's "good looking" and that the duo have been a couple for less than six months. Despite the fact that their romance is newly budding, Casey Anthony and her new man are reportedly planning to be married before the end of the year.
"She has been seeing the guy for about five months. He's just an ordinary good-looking guy who happened to fall in love with her."
Indeed, many in America are going to be less than thrilled with the idea of a pregnant and engaged Casey Anthony going on with her life and getting that "second chance" she claims to be so happy about. Despite being acquitted of Caylee's murder, many who followed the case feel that Casey Anthony got away with murder. During the trial, she and her defense team claimed that Caylee had accidentally drowned in the Anthony family pool and that a panic-stricken Casey along with her father, George Anthony, hid the little girl's body.

The prosecution claimed that Casey Anthony deliberately murdered Caylee with chloroform because the toddler was infringing on her "party girl lifestyle." It took Casey 30 days to report Caylee missing to her own mother, and by the time Caylee's remains were found nearly six months later, she was too decomposed for the medical examiner to determine a cause of death.

In her recent AP interview, Casey Anthony claimed to not know (or remember) how Caylee died.

According to the unnamed source that outed Casey Anthony's current alleged pregnancy and engagement, Casey knows that many won't be happy that she's getting a do-over.
"The thought of Casey having another child and living a happy life enrages many Americans," the insider added. "She's been marked by some as the brutal killer of her own daughter. Someone like her doesn't deserve a do-over."
Regardless of what the public thinks, Casey's friend claims that she is thrilled to be pregnant and engaged and that she's hoping for another little girl.
"It's still too early to find out the gender, but Casey really wants as daughter. Despite what happened to Caylee, Casey thinks she's better equipped to raise a girl because she understands them better."
Casey Anthony herself hasn't publicly confirmed that she's expecting, and she has been targeted by pregnancy hoaxes in the six years since she was acquitted of her daughter's murder. As Snopes reports, in both 2014 and 2016, Casey was rumored to be pregnant, once with twins. In neither of those instances did Casey Anthony actually end up giving birth. Only time will tell if this time around the reports of Casey Anthony being pregnant and engaged will prove to be true.

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