Nikki Bella’s Engagement Ring: How Much Is That Big Honkin’ Rock Worth?

Nikki Bella is sporting a giant engagement ring, thanks to beau John Cena proposing to her – live and in front of millions – during Wrestlemania 33. And, befitting a piece of bling that one multi-millionaire would give to another, it’s giant, near-perfect (in jewelers’ terms), and worth bank. How much is it worth? That depends on whom you ask.

In case you missed it, Nikki (real name: Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace), 33, and John Cena (real name: uh, John Cena), 39, got engaged live and in front of millions at Wrestlemania 33 a few weeks back.

It was hard to tell at the time, but when Cena put a ring on it, he put a ring on it: specifically, according to E! Online, a specially-designed, 4.5-carat centerpiece stone surrounded by four smaller stones amounting to about a half carat between them, all set in platinum. And, it was made by Tiffany & Co. (you’ll see why this is important in a couple of paragraphs).

As of this writing, neither Nikki nor John Cena are saying how much John plopped down for the ring, but that hasn’t stopped a couple of gemologists and jewelry experts from weighing in.

When you consider the value of a piece of jewelry, you have to consider at least three things (and for this article, we’ll focus on only the main three): the value of the stones, the value of the metal in which they’re set, and the jeweler’s markup. Spoiler alert: the jeweler’s markup accounts for the vast majority of the price of a ring.

Anyway, as to the metal: while most rings are set in gold, Cena had his bae’s ring set in platinum.

According to APMEX, the spot price (that is, what a scrap metal buyer will give you, minus their cut) for platinum is $30.75 per gram. That means that, in metal value alone, the ring is worth a couple grand — should Cena and Nikki ever go broke and need to pawn it, that’s good information for them to have.

The stones, according to In Touch Weekly, are about as perfect as naturally-occurring diamonds can be (and by the way, you need sophisticated scientific equipment to tell stones apart at this level of quality). Deborah Fine, CEO of NYC-based luxury jewelry brand Ritani, describes the stones as being of “exceptional color and clarity.”

The biggest factor in the value of the ring, however, is the prestige. This is a Tiffany & Co. ring; Tiffany has been making fine jewelry for nearly 200 years, and their products are some of the most sought-after in the jewelry industry. In other words, Cena paid as much for the name on the ring as much as the ring itself.

So how much is it worth? Fine says $75,000. Another gemologist, speaking to E! Online, puts the price at closer to $115,000. And of course, that’s just for appraisal purposes (that is, taking out an insurance policy on it). The retail price could have been as much as twice that.

For Nikki, however, the amount of money her beloved spent on the ring is secondary to its significance. Cena had the ring designed to tell the story of his and Nikki’s relationship.

“It’s four and a half carats and we’ve been together four and a half years, so each side has four diamonds and one side represents John and one side represents me and represents every year we’ve been together and what we’ve been through. Then, we meet in the middle at four and a half years and become one.”

Are you impressed with Nikki Bella’s engagement ring, or is it too much?

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]