Abeku Wilson’s Instagram Page Rages With Steroid Rage, RIP, And Racist Comments – Facebook, Twitter Reactions

The last Instagram post to Abeku Wilson’s account was two weeks ago, as seen below. That same Instagram account, titled “Abeku Wilson” at the Instagram handle “abeku21,” is receiving a plethora of comments in the wake of a horrific shooting involving Wilson on April 8. Since the Facebook page of Abeku appears to be private, plenty of people are turning to Wilson’s Instagram page to release their rage-filled comments or those of sympathy for Abeku and Wilson’s victims.

Abeku’s Instagram Account Gets Reactions to Equinox Shooting Deaths

According to the Associated Press, Abeku was the sole gunman who began shooting inside the Equinox fitness center in the Shops at Merrick Park in Coral Gables, Florida. The 33-year-old Abeku had just been fired from his job as a personal trainer at the Equinox gym. Wilson hails from Miami, and the man whose Twitter account named “Abeku S. Wilson” at the Twitter handle Abeku21‏ calls himself a “certified African King” is getting loads of backlash on Instagram; an account Abeku updated more frequently than Twitter.

“I’m a Certified African King!”

Wilson was reportedly fired from Equinox due to violence in the workplace and escorted off of the premises of Equinox. But Abeku returned to the Equinox gym with a gun and fired at two managers before turning the gun on himself and killing himself. Equinox employees, Janine Ackerman, 35, and Marios Hortis, 42, were killed. A witness claimed that Abeku seemed off-kilter prior to the shootings, saying Wilson was unshaven and slurring words.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry I’m just off balance this morning.’”

Later, approximately five gunshots would ring out in the shooting.

It's about that time again!! Time to collect more of these bad boys! #npc #nationals

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Comments being posted to Abeku’s Instagram account feature people wishing Wilson to “rest in peace” and messages calling Wilson bad names. Others are arguing with one another via Abeku’s Instagram page in the wake of the shooting, with one Instagram commentator warning others who knew Wilson or worked out at Equinox to be careful what they wrote on Instagram since the media is likely “trolling” the page for information. Others are defending Abeku on Instagram and screaming through comments for others to “get off my boy’s page” with racist comments.

The progression of the overarching theme of the comments on Abeku’s Instagram page shows people leaving comments initially prior to the shooting, with one writing that they’d love to come workout with Wilson but getting into Equinox was like getting into Fort Knox.

After that, the Instagram comments progress into a series of bewildered responses from people confirming Wilson’s death, and those that are incredulous that Abeku would allegedly commit murder. A big theme among the Instagram comments on Abeku’s final Instagram post feature people wondering what could have happened to drive Wilson into such an alleged murderous rage, with people commenting that they never thought Wilson would do such a thing. Others are wondering how a man with such a high profile in the fitness community and so many trophies from fitness competitions could commit such a heinous act.

Those that claim they knew Abeku are leaving comments on Instagram like those seen below. Some people leaving comments on Instagram are theorizing that anything from steroid rage to mental illness may have played a role in Wilson’s alleged murderous rage. Plenty of people are issuing prayers for all of the victims, including Abeku’s loved ones and their families.

Here is a sampling of the comments being left by Instagram users on Abeku’s Instagram page.

“Having known Abeku for 10+ years put me in a shock and I broke down in tears at the gym when I heard this in the news. I still don’t believe this because Abeku was caring, endearing and a genuine guy and this is completely out of character. I can personally say Abeku has helped me professionally and as a friend and whatever drove him to this point was clearly deep and incomprehensible… I am sure roids played a significant role in this as it was obvious he was a professional bodybuilder. I for one know that if you have a pre existing mental illness roids only magnify it. Whatever triggered this needs to come to light and truth needs to come to light.”

“Janine helped me get access to Equinox gyms when I was in LA. Very nice woman. I didn’t know Abeku but he was always working with a client when i was at the gym. A very popular trainer and hard-working guy. RIP to all 3 – Marios, Abeku, Janine. My prayers and thoughts go out to all 3 of their families.”

“My heart is so heavy, for both the victims and Abeku. To know Abeku was to love him. He was my trainer for 5 years and changed my life in ways no one else could, he really went above and beyond for me, he became part of my family. It’s too hard to come to terms with the reality of the situation. I pray for all of the victims, friends, families and witnesses. May God grant peace and understanding during this horrific time.”

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