‘Southern Charm’s’ Kathryn Dennis Back From Rehab: The Real Reason She Lost Custody Of Her Kids

Kathryn Dennis’ relationship with Thomas Ravenel has never been easy – but after the Season 4 premiere of Southern Charm, it looks like things are only getting worse. Not only is Kathryn returning from her stay in rehab but she also lost custody of her kids.

According to Bustle, Kathryn lost custody because she failed a drug test during the court settlement. Whitney, Patricia, and Shep dropped the news during the season premiere of Southern Charm, though evidence still hasn’t surfaced to back up the claims.

The show hinted that Kathryn had drug problems throughout the previous season. During the Season 3 reunion, Landon slammed Kathryn for failing a drug test and revealed that Thomas had documents to verify her drug use. Kathryn denied the allegations at the time but eventually went to rehab to work out her problems.

“You know, it’s been a long haul,” she shared after leaving rehab. “But I feel more me than I’ve ever felt in a long time.”


Kathryn admitted that Season 4 was the only time she actually felt sober on the show. She also feels that Southern Charm will be a lot different now that she isn’t hooked on drugs. “It’s been wild, but a great experience,” she stated. “That’s gonna be through fresh eyes, and I think that it’ll provide some new perspective, probably, on these people and on these situations that we have, and Charleston in general.”

Kathryn and Thomas share two kids together – Kensie, 3, and Saint, 1. Their relationship has been an important part of the first three seasons of Southern Charm and has generated a lot of drama over the years. From explosive arguments to surprising reunions and a heated custody, nothing has been excluded from the show.

In the course of it all, Kathryn has few allies left in Palmetto City. According to People, even Kathryn’s close friend Craig Conover admitted that he hasn’t talked to her since she left for rehab. Given Kathryn’s multitude of issues, Conover isn’t exactly thrilled that she’s back in town.

“I’m really, really glad to hear Kathryn done so well, but I’ll be honest: my life’s a lot easier without Kathryn in it because when she’s in it, things get complicated really, really quick,” he shared.

Despite all of her past drama, which includes an ongoing feud with Landon, Kathryn is determined to move on with her life. Whether or not this means that she will eventually gain joint custody of her children is yet to be seen, but it’s definitely a good start for the controversial star.


“I’m really at peace with everything,” Kathryn shared about her new lease on life. “Chaos is out of my life, luckily. And, I have two beautiful babies. What else could you really wish for?”

Meanwhile, Shep Rose recently sat down with People and revealed that Kathryn is a lot more honest now that she’s sober. In fact, the reality star shared that Kathryn isn’t afraid of discussing her problems in front of the camera, which is a drastic turnaround from previous years.

As far as Thomas is concerned, Shep added that he is a different person now that Kathryn is completely out of his life. “He’s a lot of fun when he’s [single],” Shep noted. “I mean, they do not need to be together in my humble opinion — let’s put it that way.” Unfortunately for the ladies on Southern Charm, Thomas admitted that he enjoys the single life more and more with each passing year.

Fans can watch Kathryn back in action as Season 4 of Southern Charm continues Monday nights on Bravo, check out a sneak peek at the entire new season below.

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