‘Dance Moms’ News: Cheryl Burke Praised As Coach But Abby Lee Miller Not Done With Series Just Yet

Dance Moms has not ended after Abby Lee Miller left the series. In fact, it got a fresh start with Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke taking over as coach. So far, it looks like she is working well with the girls.

Burke stepped in after Abby’s sudden exit. She is set to appear in the final episodes of Dance Moms Season 7, which were purposely added by Lifetime to accommodate her arrival and to deal with the void left by the Abby Lee Dance Company founder.

The new coach has been documenting her Dance Moms stint in social media as Cheryl Burke puts her coaching skills to the test in the recent Innovation Dance Competition held in Calabasas, California.

After Abby’s departure, the remaining dancers in Dance Moms including Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Sioux and Camryn Bridges started calling themselves The Irreplaceables.

For the latest competition, however, Kalani did not take part due to an injury (her solo was also understandably pulled) while Kendall was in Florida supporting her sister Ryleigh at the NDA Nationals.

Reagen Martin of Dolce Dance Studio stepped in to save the day. Their Lyrical group performance, “The Coven,” ended up first place overall, which is definitely a good indication for Cheryl Burke seeing it is her first go as coach for the Dance Moms girls.

Camryn’s Contemporary performance for “Breaking Free” landed her at first place for teen solo and overall. Reagen finished second in the junior solo category and fourth overall for her Lyrical routine, “The Ingenue.”

Kendall was supposed to perform a Contemporary dance called “Out for Blood,” but was unable to attend the Dance Moms competition due to an injury, which she was very upset about.

Overall, Cheryl Burke’s first try as a coach in Dance Moms was deemed very impressive. It is a feat that even Laurie-Anne Gibson, the first stand-in coach to be recruited for Season 7 during Abby’s three-week absence, did not achieve.

Burke has also already established a bond between her and the Dance Moms cast in the short time that she has been working with them for the Lifetime hit series. The dance pro has been posting photos and clips of her with the girls on Twitter, where it is shown that they genuinely enjoy each other’s company in and out of the dance rehearsals.

With Cheryl Burke as coach in Dance Moms, it seems that this has given the girls the chance to get a breath of fresh air especially since they have been in an intense environment with Abby Lee Miller.

There is no denying that Miller tends to be extra critical and harsh sometimes during rehearsals. Nia recently admitted to Hollywire TV that her former Dance Moms coach could bring about tension at the studio.

“A lot of it was unnecessary sometimes at times… I get the tough love thing… I know all that stuff make me better at dancing and now I could say I can work with anyone.”

It seems that Cheryl Burke is determined to prove that tough love is not always the answer by using a less brutal approach when it comes to working with the girls in Dance Moms. She herself revealed on Twitter that she knows how it feels to be put under a lot of pressure to succeed.

“I grew up with a tiger mom! I know how to motivate these girls from within. We’re here to succeed and create together.”

Many were afraid that Dance Moms was doomed with Abby Lee Miller out of the show. However, even some of the most loyal fans of the reality show are excited to have Cheryl Burke as coach as they imagine a completely new atmosphere with her.

As for Abby Lee Miller, leaving Dance Moms does not mean she is over it. In an upcoming event in New Jersey, the dance instructor vows to “dish the dirt” on Dance Moms and discuss why she decided to leave the show she was part of since its inception.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]