Danielle Bregoli Feud: ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Attacked By Reality Star Mama June Shannon

Danielle Bregoli could have some new drama on her hands, with reality television star Mama June going on the attack against the “Cash me outside” girl.

In an interview this week, the 37-year-old star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo had some very harsh words for the 14-year-old Bregoli, who rose to fame after a viral appearance on the Dr. Phil show about wayward teens.

Bregoli has found a steady stream of controversy since then, featuring some drama with her mother involving an incident in which the pair were kicked off a flight at LAX after allegedly getting into a fight with another passenger.

In an interview with Life & Style, Mama June said she believes that the “Cash me outside” girl is putting on an act to gain more attention.

“The Cash Me Outside girl, I think a lot of that is an act between her and her mom, honestly. I think that’s more of an act. And it may not be, but I think it’s more of an act because you can see they both love the spotlight,” Mama June claimed.

But Mama June, who herself is no stranger to attention, said she isn’t judging the 14-year-old.


“I’m not here to judge anyone. Hey, whatever makes your bank. Roll it. I ain’t trying to f–k with nobody’s hustle. I hustle, you know what I mean? [But], I think a lot of that is an act,” she admits.

Mama June has had plenty of attention recently, with a reality series showing her 300-pound weight loss. The WEtv series, Mama June: From Not To Hot, followed the reality star as she underwent weight-loss surgery and revealed her new look. The show came with quite a bit of build-up, with WEtv drawing out the reveal of her final weight loss over the entire seven-episode run of the show.


But Danielle Bregoli has been rivaling Mama June for tabloid attention of late, with reports that the “Cash me outside” girl has started to work with producers on a reality television show of her own. There has been plenty of other drama for the 14-year-old, including a recent rumor that she could be pregnant.


As Life & Style reported, the pregnancy rumors were kicked off after a picture emerged that some fans thought showed off a baby bump on the “Cash me outside” girl.

“Is there going to be a ‘Cash Me Outside’ Junior? Fans are convinced that Danielle Bregoli is pregnant after a photo surfaced of her alleged baby bump.

“Rumors started after a photo of a girl lifting up her shirt showing off her bare belly went viral, with many claiming it was Danielle in the pic, even though her face was not visible.”

The rumors were compounded when Kodak Black, a 19-year-old rapper who befriended Bregoli, and at one point was rumored to be in a relationship with her, announced online that he had gotten a girl pregnant.

“I done f —ed Round and got a BIH pregnant. My Lawyer Hollin N—a Pay me #WordsCan’tExplain,” the rapper wrote.

But Danielle Bregoli had previously laughed off the rumors that she and Kodak Black were in a relationship, noting the age difference between the pair.

“I’ve never hung out with Kodak Black — ever,” she told TMZ. “He’s 19 — g*d d**m!”

It appears the feud between Mama June and Danielle Bregoli may be over quickly. The “Cash me outside” girl has not responded to the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star’s allegations that she’s playing up her act for more viral fame.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Instagram]