April 9, 2017
Lorraine Gilles Pictures: Photos Of Mel B's Friend And Alleged Sex Tape Partner Go Viral Amid Divorce Drama

Pictures of Lorraine Gilles are going viral after the revelation that Mel B's friend and alleged sex tape partner got pregnant by Mel's husband.

The salacious revelations came out amid the divorce for the Spice Girls singer from husband Stephen Belafonte. The 26-year-old Gilles had served as the nanny for Mel B and Belafonte and was reportedly a very close friend. Angelika Gilles, Lorraine's mother, said in an interview with the Mirror that Mel B even told Simon Cowell that Lorraine was her "best friend" when she introduced the two.

But now Gilles is embroiled in the couple's messy divorce, with claims that Belafonte had gotten Gilles pregnant in 2014.

In court documents obtained by the U.K.'s Sun newspaper, Mel B claimed that her husband tried to pit the two women against each other.

"I later discovered that [he] was having sex with Lorraine and was paying her inordinate amounts of money. Over the course of some three years, I recently learned that [he] paid Lorraine in excess of $300,000 for alleged nanny services," she claimed.

"[He] immediately began setting Lorraine up as my rival. She answered to, and reported to [him]."

Mel B added that Stephen Belafonte tried to get Lorraine Gilles to keep her baby and have the three live together.

"[He] told me he wanted her to have the baby and all three of us live together. I was shocked and in disbelief," she claimed.

"[He] later demanded that Lorraine had an abortion. [He] used money earned by me to pay for Lorraine's abortion, and he used money earned by me to pay for Lorraine's hotel stay while she recuperated from the procedure."

Lorraine Gilles is also deeply embroiled in Mel B's sex tape scandal. In her court documents, the Spice Girls singer claimed that Gilles --- one of many alleged partners included on the videos with Mel B and her husband --- is in possession of the videos and that Stephen threatened to have them released.

Mel B claimed that Belafonte was abusive and forced her into sexual encounters that she did not want, then used the threat of releasing the sex tapes to keep her in the marriage. Stephen Belafonte has claimed that the two were in an open marriage, and said he did not make any threats.

As the Mirror reported, there are close to 20 alleged threesome partners included on Mel B's sex tapes, and that four have contacted lawyers with the hope of having the release stopped. One of those four includes a "high-profile US TV presenter," the report claimed.

"Following Mel's claims in court that she was blackmailed into staying with her husband, women are genuinely concerned they may be used as unwitting pawns in their bitter divorce," an unnamed source told the newspaper. "One is a frontline presenter of a popular entertainment show who is 'in pieces' she may have been recorded. She has told her bosses who have vowed to stand by her."

In the wake of the news, pictures of Lorraine Gilles have gone viral online, including some shots of the nanny looking very close with Mel B. The two were seen embracing in some pictures and in another Mel B gives the blonde-haired woman a kiss on the cheek.

Despite the growing drama around her and the sex tape scandal, Lorraine Gilles has stayed out of the public eye and hasn't commented about her alleged role in Mel B's divorce.

[Featured Image by Lorraine Gilles/Instagram]