50 Cent Drops Major ‘Power’ Season 4 Revelation, Premiere Date To Be Announced

Power Season 4 has a lot of hype behind it after an explosive third season finale. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has teased new cast members on the Starz hit show as fans await the release date. The rapper and actor dropped another bombshell before quickly deleting the Instagram post.

Fans captured the Instagram post in which 50 Cent states that Tommy has a twin brother that he was separated from at birth who may appear on Season 4 of Power.

This may be another hype job by 50 Cent, or perhaps Tommy really has a twin brother – it will certainly be an interesting twist.

Warning: Season three spoilers follow.

In the shocking third season cliffhanger, Ghost is arrested by his former lover, Angela, for the murder of Greg Knox. To make matters worse for Ghost, 50 Cent’s Kanan has kidnapped his son Tariq.

After Greg Knox suspected Angela was the leak in the FBI department, he contacted Mike Sandoval. When Knox figured out Sandoval is the real mole, he tries to convince Knox to setup Angela. However, he refuses, and Sandoval kills Greg and sets him up by leaving his phone in his apartment.

Sandoval has maintained his double agent status, which makes Ghost’s situation in prison more dangerous. Meanwhile, Tommy has finally started to put himself first, and we saw his relationship with Ghost deteriorate. Ghost and Tommy planned to take out their new drug supplier, and Mr. Egan ended up on top as the new supplier while Ghost sits in jail.

Will Tommy help Ghost clear his name in Power Season 4? Tommy has always been James St. Patrick’s right-hand man, but it seems like the roles have been reversed, and Tommy is in control.

It appears that Ghost will finally start to suffer some of the consequences of his actions in the fourth season. He may lose his son to Kanan, who seems to be fond of him. Kanan may see Tariq as someone that will be loyal to him unlike his biological son, who was loyal to Ghost.

Naturi Naughton, who plays Tasha, talked to Hollywood Life about Season 4, and what fans can expect. Naughton explains how she believes her character will react to Ghost’s being in prison.

“I think once Tasha figures out that Ghost has been arrested, she goes into protect mode. She goes into: How do I fix this? I think, because she’s the mother of their kids, she’s just all about, like, forget about being angry, let’s just figure out how do get you out. That’s what makes her such a ride or die. She’s always looking out for him. Even though Ghost is doing him, she protects him.”

In one of the teaser photos for Power Season 4, Tasha is seen in court and appears to be supporting Ghost.

Naughton also talks about whether Ghost and Tasha can repair their relationship.

“They’re married, but at the same time, they’re dysfunctional as hell. I don’t know. Maybe she’s starting to wise up. I think this season you’ll see Tasha has a love interest. Over time, you’ll see that she’s like I’m tired of your crap [to Ghost]. At some point, a woman’s got say, ‘I’ve had enough.’”

Larenz Tate has been added to the cast of Power Season 4, according to Deadline. Tate will play a city councilman from 50 Cent’s neighborhood in Jamaica, Queens. Maurice Compte of Narcos will also appear in Season 4 in a recurring role. Compte will play a character on the opposite side of the law as a high-level drug dealer.

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