April 9, 2017
April The Giraffe YouTube: How To Make Sure Animal Adventure Park Cam Is Live, Watch Online Now

If you've joined millions nationwide in watching April the giraffe streaming live online from the Harpursville, New York zoo, the Animal Adventure Park (AAP), then you're familiar with the cam. Owned by Jordan Patch, the giraffe cam began streaming live via YouTube on Feb. 10, 2017, with the belief that April, a 15-year-old reticulated giraffe would give birth immediately.

The Inquisitr first reported on this momentous event with the same anticipation felt worldwide: we would soon witness the live birth of a giraffe calf streaming in real-time online. People were hooked. Since mid-February, April and her five-year-old mate have become Internet sensations. Demand for tee-shirts bearing April's signature smile has skyrocketed, plush giraffes have sold out of the Animal Adventure Park online store, and everyone wants to know when April will finally deliver her calf.

The Park continues to provide updates, and it's clear that their guess is as good as anyone else's. No one knows when April is going to give birth, but the excitement surrounding the event continues to increase. More than 100,000 people can be seen watching the live giraffe cam on YouTube simultaneously, and the number is bound to increase once April begins active labor. If you haven't watched the live giraffe cam, you can see it as it streams online from the Animal Adventure Park in the video player below.

April the Giraffe Live Cam: Watch Now

The live giraffe cam is included in a playlist and also features important videos from the Animal Adventure Park. When you watch the live cam, you'll see in the YouTube video there is a little circle next to the word "live." This lets you know that the stream is live, and the circle should be red. If it isn't red, click on the word live. Sometimes the live stream can lag, and you need to get caught up. Some live YouTube videos give you the option of rewinding the stream up to four hours. That isn't the case with April the giraffe's cam. If you are watching and notice the red light turns gray, then click on the word live to reset the stream to its current point. This is also a helpful method to combat fake streams.
We've followed April the giraffe since Feb. 15, 2017, and continue to update the playlist with the current stream. We will never put a fake video or stream in the playlist as we want to ensure you see April give birth live online when that long-awaited for moment approaches. If you are searching through YouTube looking for the live stream, beware. There are many fake sites popping up with the intent of running ads on the video. These are not authentic, or real live streams but are pre-recorded videos running in loops. Again, look for the red, live button, and click on the word live. The Animal Adventure Park's authentic live stream may lose the red button if your stream lags behind, so don't feel that you are being misled if it isn't red. Just click on the word "live," and you will be updated to the most recent portion of the video.


Keep in mind that April lives in New York, and though it is spring, they are still dealing with weather issues. Storms have repeatedly interfered with the live feed, and it isn't uncommon for the stream to go offline. If you subscribe to the Animal Adventure Park's official YouTube page, you can receive notifications (usually in the form of a popup on your screen) when the Animal Adventure Park begins a new live feed. This is an excellent way to keep track of when the live cam has gone offline, and a new stream is in its place. Because the Animal Adventure Park cam streams live from April's giraffe stall, it can be difficult telling the new feed from the old video as the picture is relatively the same. This is another reason that has led to many scam artists fooling people with fake streams. Since the video has looked relatively identical since Feb 10, it's difficult for many to tell if they are watching live footage or video that is months old. The best way to tell the difference is through the red button on the official YouTube video.

Are you still watching April the giraffe? Many people are disappointed that she is still pregnant, yet the excitement continues. According to the Animal Adventure Park's latest updates and news from their veterinarian, Dr. Tim, April and the calf are fine, and she has met all the milestones required to go into labor and deliver her calf. The world is simply waiting for active labor to begin. Once April does go into labor, expect the delivery to be very quick. It should be over within 30 minutes. Again, you may need to keep refreshing the live stream by clicking the word "live" in order to bring the cam up to its most current position.

[Featured Image by Anaite/Shutterstock]