Roman Reigns Puts Twitter Hater In His Place, Proves Even Social Media Is His Yard Now

Saying that Roman Reigns has a lot of haters is not just stating the obvious — it’s also an understatement of epic proportions. The fact remains that you’d be hard-pressed to find a more dividing subject among WWE fans than Roman Reigns. The “Big Dog” has his fair share (and then some) of hate and heckling to deal with every time he sets foot in a packed arena, but, Roman Reigns consistently draws the ire of those same hecklers on social media as well.

Interestingly, as is the case with all things WWE, just about every superstar (at one time or another) has gone from babyface to heel — and sometimes back again. It’s common practice for the biggest superstars to turn heel at some point throughout the course of their career — Roman Reigns, however, is something else entirely.

With or without an official heel turn, Roman Reigns, on sheer principle, seems to attract the hate of a heel and the love of a babyface depending upon whom you ask. Roman Reigns himself is something of a hybrid heel, and that, in an of itself makes his situation unique. There are likely just as many people that would like to see the Roman Empire expand as would like to see it burn — and even more still that would gladly light the fire and play the fiddle as it all goes down in flames.

Still, as far as Roman Reigns is concerned, with as much hate and heckling as the guy receives on a regular basis, every once in a while the “Big Dog” has his day, and Roman Reigns recently had such a day when he speared a Twitter hater with a poignant comeback on the social media platform:

The fan in question tweeted Roman Reigns a picture of Guile from Street Fighter, seemingly drawing the conclusion that Roman Reigns is a cartoon.

While Roman Reigns’ retort was rather light-hearted and generally good-natured, it’s nice to see Roman Reigns get one in the win column against one of his many agitators. Then again, if you can face the Deadman on wrestling’s biggest stage and not only live to tell the tale, but also come out with the win, a Twitter hater isn’t scary or intimidating in the least.

Still, even with Roman Reigns’ big win at WrestleMania 33, questions remain as far as what the WWE has planned for Roman Reigns next. There has been speculation floating around within the last few days that Kane may be eyeing a return to WWE action, and that he may bring the hellfire and brimstone to take on Roman Reigns and avenge the Undertaker’s loss.

With Roman Reigns notching recent wins in his belt against Braun Strowman and The Undertaker, there is certainly speculation regarding who the next big dog will be that could challenge Roman Reigns, and Kane would most certainly fit the bill.

On the other side of that coin, Roman Reigns has also already proven that he can withstand the Chokeslam and Tombstone, and perhaps his recent bout with The Undertaker could serve him well should he suit up to take on Kane. That said, however, if the hellfire and brimstone were to ever come down on Roman Reigns, he may need more than his Superman Punch and Spear to come out of the match victorious.

Either way, with fans booing and cheering him in equal measure, it will be interesting to see just what the WWE decides to do with Roman Reigns moving forward. The odds are good that they will continue their push of the “Big Dog,” and it will be up to Roman Reigns to make sure that he defends his yard.

[Featured Image by Lukas Schulze/Stringer/Getty Images]