April 13, 2017
Pay Per Head Platforms - Are They Making Sports Betting More Transparent?

Sports betting is a new reality of social conversations where people openly discuss and share tips on how to beat the online sports betting portals and pokie machines. Besides being a social phenomenon, sports betting has now become a commonplace name for easy to do online betting where you have nothing to do except giving your credit card details and let the game go on while you bet and wait.

Pay per head platforms are considered as intelligent platforms facilitating the sports betting and ensuring some sort of automation in a world which is mostly secret and obscure in nature.

A pay per head platform comes up with a lot of promises for the bookies. There are features that claim to enhance the productivity and boost the number of players, providing them with an awesome experience.

Over the years, some different features of these platforms have become almost obsolete, while some have proven to be indispensable for bookmakers.

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Let's check out the essential features and functionalities of a pay per head platform without which you should not sign up for bookmaking services.

1. More than a single payment option

This is the first necessity if you want to grow your bookmaking business. Obviously, losing players due to problems in transactions is perhaps the last thing you would want, and this is, in fact, a blunder you simply cannot afford.

So, before signing up for a platform, you must ensure that it has the capability to provide you with a range of payment options.

So, if you have a current platform, you may try another site and experience the differences.

2. An easy to use interface

The site you choose must provide you with a straightforward, simple interface, enabling efficient management of each and every player.

You should also be able to manage your account, access the relevant analytics seamlessly and at a fast pace. It has been seen that some bookies spend a lot of their valuable time as well as energy just to pick up the functionality of this excessively complicated tools.

Therefore, a site that makes these things convenient would streamline the operations and trigger business growth.

3. Mobile friendly

It goes without saying that the world is increasingly going digital, and technological advancement has made the mobile phone a day-to-day device rather than a luxury.

Given this, both bookies and players always look forward to bookmarking solutions that are extremely convenient to handle and are not bound by space or time.

As a bookie, it is your responsibility to provide a mobile friendly platform to your players wherein they can place their bets without any difficulty.

In an advanced platform, you would also get some other seamless functionalities such as keeping a check on your players, making payments, and even tracking the numbers at any time and place from your Smartphone or mobile.

You should subscribe to bigger platforms since smaller platforms do not always offer these functionalities.

4. Real customer service

If a platform has a real, dependable person on the other side to serve your needs and answer all your queries, it would indeed be great.

To validate whether your platform would provide effective customer service, check out parameters like 24/7 accounting reports accessibility, account set up assistance, a trial period with absolutely zero commitment, and the like.

These are in fact the types of solutions that a company would offer if it truly intends to delight its customers with top notch customer service.

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5. Clear visibility of reports

Premier pay per head platforms should provide you with practical weekly reports and other analytical features so that you have a clear idea of what's going on and how to keep everything balanced, ensuring that your existing players are happy.

Different types of reports such as agent exposure reports, open bet reports, and financial reports help the bookmaker accumulate all required details about players and have full control over the business.

So, in case your platform is only promising you amazing features but not delivering good stuff, it's time to shift. Go for advanced platforms that make the entire bookmaking operation seamless.

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