Milo Yiannopoulos Back On Trump Train Following Criticisms Of ‘Daddy’

Milo Yiannopoulos is back on board the Trump Train following some pointed criticisms that he made toward the man he supported in 2016 and lovingly referred to as “Daddy.”

Milo, whose own public profile soared in the aftermath of Trump’s election with a $250,000 book deal, crashed just as hard after previous comments he’d made seeming to condone underage sex for children as young as 13.

The comments, Yiannopoulos said, were taken out of context, though he did ultimately issue an apology. It was not in enough time to save the Simon & Schuster book deal, which he lost, nor his speaking gig at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Since that happened, Milo has been keeping a low profile with some posts on his personal Facebook page, but little beyond it. His “Dangerous F*ggot” Tour has gone on hiatus along with his podcast, which stopped updating after he and Breitbart parted ways as part of the fallout.

Conservative Publisher To Publish Milo Yiannopoulos New Book

— Immigrants☆4☆Trump (@immigrant4trump) March 31, 2017

Now that Trump has done something he disagrees with, he is back in the news thanks to an email he wrote to Mediaite, which itself was a follow-up to his Thursday night tweet that declared, “There comes a day in every child’s life when his Daddy bitterly disappoints him.”

As part of the follow-up, Yiannopoulos said, “I’m as troubled by violence toward innocent children as the next sociopath, but those kids are only growing up to be oppressors of women and murderers of homosexuals anyway,” Milo wrote. “NO MORE POINTLESS FOREIGN WARS. This is not why people voted for Daddy. It’s the opposite of why people voted for him.”

After sharing those thoughts with the political news site, Yiannopoulos appears to be over the tantrum.

A trip to his Facebook page in the days following shows one post that calls out Fresno State professor Lars Maischak for “calling for Trump to be hanged” and for suggesting “that two Republicans be ‘executed’ for every immigrant deported.”

Milo also calls out a CNN news story in which he claims an anchorwoman “tries to make [a] Syrian man call for open borders.”

That said, Yiannopoulos does not run away from his opposition, sharing the Mediaite story to his Facebook page as well and asking “am I wrong tho [sic]?”

Surprisingly, many of the people who still follow and support Milo are siding with Trump on this one. One wrote, “Sorry Milo. You are wrong on this one. We have had eight years of kiss a** politics.”

Another, Rik Woodland, writes, “In this instance I disagree with you. Enough is enough. We can no longer afford to look soft on the world’s stage. Watching those kids shake uncontrollably as they were dying was awful.”

Finally, Chris Klima points out the difference between Trump’s actions and those of Obama’s as a means of telling Yiannopoulos that this is not simply more of the same.

“Obama drew a line and did nothing. Trump didn’t draw a line, he just opened fire. It’s a message. Currently we aren’t being dragged into a war, and ww3 is not breaking out. I think everyone needs to calm down and think rationally, which I know for many people is impossible.”

In the aftermath of the Syrian airstrikes, there has been something of a flip between voters, who normally support Trump no matter what, and others who only a week ago were referring to him as a “Russian puppet” for perceived collusion in influencing the outcome of the 2016 election.

EXCLUSIVE: Milo Yiannopoulos Breaks With Trump on Syria: ‘Not Why People Voted for Daddy’

— America First! (@America_1st_) April 8, 2017

What do you think readers?

Are followers like Milo Yiannopoulos about to get a lot more of what they don’t like from the president, or is this just a brief reversal? Sound off in the comments section below.

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