‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Takes Heat After Saying He Keeps His Kids In The Guest House

Last week on Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel pulled a humble brag while explaining that his two children, both toddlers, live in his guest house, because they are messy, and his furnishings are rather expensive. He mentioned a $30,000 rug, suggesting that he would be really bummed if they ruined that, but not if they harmed a $200 rug, which presumably is what is on the floor in the guest house. Ravenel’s home in the swankiest part of Charleston is certainly lovely, but wasn’t he doing the decor after the kids were born?

Thomas Ravenel seems to be on a roll offending Southern Charm fans, because the week before the show premiered, he explained that he was simply too intelligent to watch and enjoy reality television, and doesn’t even watch Southern Charm, says the Inquisitr. He also mentioned that thirty plus years ago, he got high scores on his SATs. Ravenel didn’t seem to understand that comments like this offended fans of Southern Charm who watch that and other Bravo shows.


The Island Packet had another slighting more yucky take on the Ravenel children living in the guest house, as they suggested that back in the day, it’s where Ravenel took a large volume of women in Charleston to make “the magic” happen. They inferred that the furniture was like an episode of CSI, complete with the black light.

“Those babies definitely shouldn’t be touching that couch. They know that’s where the sad/fun happens. They know that the furniture in there technically qualifies as the Ravenel toddlers’ half-siblings.”

But they also say that Ravenel might have tipped his hand, because women who date Thomas Ravenel will now wonder if they are $30k rug worthy, or just $200 rug worthy when they go back to Thomas Ravenel’s home after a night out.


Refinery29 describes Ravenel as “the suspiciously older castmate” of Southern Charm. They said that the episode where he talked about the kids living in the guest house opened with him speaking from his Charleston mansion “wearing tight white jeans.” Ravenel explained that his life had changed a lot, and said that is why the kids live in the guest house.

“My life has taken a transformative change. I went from a situation of never seeing the kids to now having them all the time.”


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Ravenel explains that it is easier on him to have the kids live in the guest house, because he then won’t sweat the small stuff.

“The kids are living in the guest house instead of the main house because kids are messy and destructive. I want to be able to retain the piece of mind knowing that if they spit up it’s not on a $30,000 rug, but a $200 rug.”


And after that line, Twitter erupted with what seemed to be lots of moms sounding off on what kind of father puts their children in the guest house with the domestic help. One Southern Charm fan wondered if Ravenel thinks he is the first parent to figure out that kids are messy.

“I can’t believe T-Rav puts his children in the ‘guest house’ because they are ‘messy.’ Seriously?! You’re an idiot, Thomas, not a father!”

The next got a bit more vicious, suggesting that Ravenel is perhaps self-involved.

put kids in GUEST house, did jail for drugs, still ‘parties,’ & paid for nanny testimony. A narcissistic liar.”

Another stepped in to try and help Thomas Ravenel figure out a way for the kids to move into the main house with Thomas, and that would be to put the pricy stuff in the guest house, and the practical pieces in the main house, so Thomas Ravenel could live with the kids.

“Swap the 300 rug in the guest house with the 10k rug -actually move them into the house he created for them last year?”

What do you think of Thomas Ravenel explaining that his children live in the guest house on Southern Charm?

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