Michael Jackson’s Daughter, Paris Jackson, Makes ‘Bad’ Toast

Michael Jackson’s children continue to be as popular in the media as their father, but Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson are also continuing to let the world know that they think of their father often.

For example, in the latest instance on April 9, Paris Jackson posted a video on Instagram of two people making a toast with glasses of pastel liquid. On the hand of the camera-holder was the word “Bad” written in red marker — and this was perhaps a homage to Paris Jackson’s father, Michael Jackson.

Lately, Paris Jackson has been hanging out with several celebrities including Fergie. Part of the celebrity focus was due to Paris Jackson celebrating her 19th birthday on April 3. Although it ended with a serenade from Fergie, Paris Jackson spent most of her birthday with her friends eating French fries, according to TMZ.

Prince Jackson has Heal Los Angeles charity.

Despite this focus on celebrities and friends, Paris Jackson spent her birthday weekend with her brother, Prince Jackson. In fact, Paris Jackson was there when Prince got a tattoo of their father, Michael Jackson, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Always referring to her brother as her best friend on social media, Paris Jackson also got tattoos with Prince Jackson just a few days before. However, Paris Jackson also has time for friends outside of the Jackson family.

Around the time she was getting matching yin-yang tattoos with her brother Prince, Paris Jackson was also seen shopping with Kendall Jenner at an L.A. flea market around March 27. According to AOL, it should not be surprising to see Kendall Jenner and Paris Jackson hanging out since they have been friends since they were children.

Prince and Blanket “Bigi” Jackson were seen together that weekend without Paris Jackson, and she was presenting at the GLAAD Awards on April 2. Regardless, since it was the night before her birthday, Prince and Bigi Jackson bought her cake and flowers to have as soon as she got home.

Following her birthday celebrations earlier in the week, Paris Jackson was back out on the town in Los Angeles. This time, according to ET Online, Paris Jackson was getting ice cream with boy band star Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

Coming up, Paris Jackson will likely have more news about her new modeling career, but, like Gigi Hadid, it might have an unexpected body image angle. For example, People pointed out that Paris Jackson has been battling the trolls for body shaming her and saying she looked “fat.”

As far as Paris Jackson’s brothers are concerned, Prince Jackson will likely be in the headlines more often for charity work. Prince Jackson has been an ongoing advocate of his charity Heal Los Angeles, and he was on Good Morning America to promote the cause on March 6.

April 3 is Paris Jackson's birthday.

Around the first of April was the final countdown to raise $7,000 for Prince Jackson’s Heal Los Angeles fund for their spring projects to help the homeless. Prince Jackson has stated that his charity project is based on Michael Jackson’s personal and still-active charity, the Heal The World Foundation.

True Michael Jackson fans will not be surprised to see his children following in his footsteps with charity work — and Paris, Prince, and Bigi all have made significant contributions in the past 10 years. For instance, all of Michael Jackson’s children including the youngest, Bigi Jackson, attend charity events and often mention their father’s legacy, according to Vanity Fair.

In a People interview with Prince Jackson in mid-December 2016, he stated that Michael Jackson taught him a lot about what it meant to be “a man,” and charity was a major aspect.

In particular, Prince Jackson was moved by Michael Jackson’s persistence with charity work, and recalled MJ taking his kids to visit sick children in a hospital. About the kids and their reaction when they saw Michael Jackson, Prince Jackson recalls, “But when he walked into the room it lit up. All of the kids got happy.”

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]