TNA News: Impact Star Suffers Serious Injury During Match, Undergoes Life-Saving Surgery

Wrestling may be scripted and the outcomes may already be known, but the action and injuries are very real and can endanger the lives of those in the ring. Impact Wrestling star Michael Paris, aka Zema Ion, aka DJ Z, suffered a serious injury while wrestling in Mexico this week and it was not only bad enough to send him to the hospital, but bad enough to require an emergency surgery that may have saved his life.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., DJ Z was wrestling on Thursday for Konnan’s Crash promotion in Mexico City when the injury occurred. He ended up taking a 450 splash which left him on the mat not moving at all and everyone knew that something was wrong.

Shortly after, he posted a video on his Twitter account which showed him lying on a gurney and riding in the back of an ambulance on the way to the hospital. He decided to give a quick rundown of what was going on and how he was currently feeling.

“I’m in an ambulance right now, we’re not sure what’s wrong….thought maybe I broke a rib or something….finished the match, however. Just puked my guts out after the match and couldn’t stand up and was basically dying and turning pale. We’re going to go to the hospital and see what’s wrong with me.”

Interestingly enough, the hospital treated him for the symptoms of feeling ill and released him. Before getting back to his hotel room, though, he was getting sick and having issues staying awake, per Cageside Seats. As a fever came about, the hotel staff contacted another ambulance and brought him back to the hospital.

It was at this point that DJ Z was diagnosed with a “fractured colon” and it led to him having surgery which may have very well saved his life. If not for the surgery, he states it is possible he may have died or possibly had to wear a colostomy bag for the remainder of his life.

Just one day out of surgery, Micheal Paris was already up in his hotel room and walking around, but still very slowly. It is going to be weeks, if not longer, until he is able to be back to normal and even think about getting back into the ring.

Charlie Santo, who wrestles as Gringo Loco, kept updating fans about Paris on his personal Facebook page and continuously asked for prayers. They were extremely concerned regarding the injury and how his health or life may be affected by what happened in the ring.

Santos ended up updating everyone once Paris was out of surgery and said he would stay at the hospital and be observed for “3-5 days” depending on how things go. Doctors believe he will eventually recover fully which is great news.

Believe it or not, this is actually the second major colon-related issue that DJ Z has had to deal with. Four years ago, a tumor was found in his colon which led to an emergency appendectomy and many feared he would never wrestle again after that.

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Since his first major health issue, DJ Z has been involved in numerous feuds and programs in Impact Wrestling and also held the X Division Championship for a second time.

Michael Paris has been wrestling for more than a decade and he has performed under numerous gimmicks and ring names. He is most well known as Zema Ion and currently DJ Z in Impact Wrestling, and at the age of 30, he still has many years ahead of him. The only problem is that this “fractured colon” injury may end up shortening his wrestling career, and if not for the emergency surgery, it may have even shortened his life.

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