Plus-Size Model Hunter McGrady Starts New Hashtag Campaign To Prove All Bodies Are ‘Worthy’

As Sports Illustrated‘s curviest swimsuit model ever, Hunter McGrady has catapulted into the spotlight and is using her fame to promote a new hashtag. Dubbed the “All Worthy” campaign, Hunter shared the hashtag on Instagram this week as she works to encourage body acceptance.

McGrady poses in a semi-sheer bodysuit in the simple photo as she explains the thinking behind #AllWorthy.

“My body is WORTHY. YOU are worthy. We are ALL worthy.”

The 23-year-old model also explained she was leaving the tag open-ended so her fans could fill in the blanks with what they believe they’re worthy of.

“I am leaving it open ended as that can be filled in with so many incredible words. We are #AllWorthy of feeling sexy in our skin. #AllWorthy of being loved #AllWorthy of being powerful #AllWorthy of having a voice.”

It seems Hunter’s fans are taking to the new hashtag as they submit images tagged with her campaign motto. McGrady even commented a heart emoji on one user’s submission as the woman discussed her battle with depression and weight gain. The Instagram user ends her post by saying she’s finally found peace with her body, as she included the tag All Worthy.

“I took this photo in reflection of the peace I’ve achieve mentally (which requires the assistance of medication and therapy) and with my body (tiger stripes included).”

This isn’t the first time the curvy model has opened up about her experiences with body-positivity. Teen Vogue covered Hunter’s mission to change how people think and feel about body size.

“[Hunter is] helping dispel the notion that you need to be a certain size to find success as a model. And part of that is redefining how we all talk about our bodies, and how we think of the term ‘healthy.’”

I can wear shorts when I wannaaaaa la de da de da Coachellaaaaaa. It's Friday I'm so happy ????????????????

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The article also states McGrady didn’t begin her modeling career as plus-size as she was once a size 2. However, she struggled to stay thin and wasn’t happy with constantly battling with her body just to comply with industry standards.

“When Hunter first started modeling, she did so as a size 2 ‘straight’ model. But she wasn’t happy, and ultimately decided that no career was worth what she was putting both her body and mind through to meet a harsh industry standard.”

Like most plus models, Hunter hopes one day the industry and fashion world with simply label her a “model” instead of focusing on differentiating women according to body size.

“She’d like to just be called a model instead. And it’s that way of talking about her body — and the way we all talk about her own bodies — that Hunter thinks is pivotal for reaching body inclusivity in regard to size.”

Hunter has taken her campaign for body inclusivity one step further as she promotes her new hashtag to her 320,000 Instagram followers. It seems her fans are embracing her body-positivity work as they left supportive comments on her post.

One commenter said they’re glad Hunter is addressing an issue that so many people struggle with; accepting their body.

“@huntermcgrady you are amazing! What a positive, message you are sending about body love and acceptance. It’s so hard for some of us.”

Another follower, a 16-year-old, commented on Hunter’s post as she thanked McGrady for showing people how to be confident in spite of societal standards.

“I’m 16 and worry so much about my body and how I’m so different from society. And I just want to thank you for showing me how confident I can be and how it’s okay to be curvy. You’re such an inspiration please keep up with your inspiration around the world!”

Hunter’s campaign isn’t the first of its kind as she joins the likes of Ashley Graham and other body-positive advocates, but it does prove more and more people are ready to see a change in how women’s bodies are portrayed.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]