Johnny Depp's Starstruck Friendship With Jack Sparrow's Dad, Keith Richards Of The Rolling Stones

Johnny Depp and Keith Richards have enjoyed a long and artistically lucrative friendship, and when they interact it is clear that Richards really is Jack Sparrow's dad. Depp showed tremendous respect for Sparrow's iconic father while filming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Johnny reportedly treasured every moment with Kieth.

Johnny Depp enjoyed every moment with his first guitarist role model Kieth Richards. Not only did Kieth Richards inspire Depp's portrayal of Jack Sparrow, Johnny admired Kieth Richards's guitar work with the Rolling Stones since he was a child.

Johnny Depp was playfully dubbed "the highest-paid gofer in Hollywood" by Rolling Stone Magazine nearly 10 years ago, on the set of Pirates of The Caribbean, when Keith Richards said, "Johnny me boy," then asked him to fetch cigarettes for Jack Sparrow's dear old pop.

Johnny Depp first met Keith Richards in 1995, through Keith Richards' son. Johnny eventually worked himself into a close friendship with Richards. Then, when creating the character Jack Sparrow for Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp studied Keith's every move and mimicked Richards when he portrayed the popular pirate.

Johnny Depp and Keith Richards also created a documentary about Keith Richards' career and persona. Johnny Depp directed and Keith Richards revealed himself as never before, as Johnny explained the progress of his project in 2013 to B 102.7

"I've been working on it for about four years now and we've just completed the filming. Actually, it's a little strange to call it a documentary; it's more an opportunity to experience Keith — as people don't get to see him because he's quite a mysterious being. Essentially it's Keith and I sitting around having a conversation and what it boils down to is his wisdom and his philosophy and his experiences — and that would be cut with footage of his life."
Johnny Depp's documentary of Keith Richards was finally completed in 2016, according to IMDb, and apparently, it is still under the title Untitled Keith Richards Documentary.

Keith Richards, the lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones, is, in his own right, awe-inspiring as rock and roll royalty, and a veritable rock god since 1962. The Rolling Stones first took Europe, then America during the British Invasion of 1964, with fellow icon, Stones frontman Mick Jagger. In those days, British rock musicians owned the music charts.

Kieth Richards and Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones 1976
Kieth Richards and Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones 1976 [Image by John Minihan/Getty Images]

Johnny Depp, Keith Richards' junior by only 10 years, is rightfully impressed. Johnny Depp has been a professional guitarist himself since he was 16. Sadly, Johnny Depp's music career didn't really take off until recently, while Depp's acting was highly in demand.

Johnny Depp always idolized Keith Richards and his Rolling Stones guitar work. Johnny told Rolling Stone Magazine that he found the Rolling Stones music early in life.

"Very, very early. Simply found his music. It was always my first love, even as a small kiddie. I remember when I started f**king around on a guitar for the first time. Keith — he goes to the forefront."
Keith Richards was the inspiration for Johnny Depp's most adored character, Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp told Rolling Stone Magazine 10 years ago, during the filming of Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End, that the Rolling Stones guitarist inspired Jack Sparrow's most elegant swagger. It is only fair that Keith Richards was cast to portray Jack Sparrow's father in the film series.
"I always thought of pirates being the rock stars of the eighteenth century. With both, the myth arrives before them. The word comes around the bend months before they arrive."
Much to Johnny Depp's disappointment, Keith Richards was not a part of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Still, the movie does offer the audience another incredible rock royalty icon. Sir Paul McCartney will appear in the next Pirates of the Caribbean. Yet another rock star has gone Pirate.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Caribbean
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Caribbean [Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP Images]

So, Does Keith Richards think of himself as a rock star? Richards told Rolling Stone Magazine "he's just a musician."

"Me, I'm just a musician. And if the people like my stuff, thank God. It pushes me on to do more. And I want to do more. That's something that you don't factor in when you start this game."
Keith Richards' understanding of Jack Sparrow's role in Pirates of the Caribbean is much more telling and inspirational.
"[Jack Sparrow] represents potential freedom, to break out of the bounds."
Johnny Depp's character Jack Sparrow is, under that definition, a powerful icon of hope and the human spirit, and is desperately needed in 2017. Thankfully, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales hits theaters on May 26, giving the world a new look at potential freedom.


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Johnny Depp and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones created Jack Sparrow for Pirates of the Caribbean to remind viewers of the potential for freedom.

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