Phaedra Parks Fired From ‘RHOA’? Her Rep Denies It, No Comment From Phaedra Herself

Has Phaedra Parks been fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta? Reps for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Star say the rumor is “fake news,” but so far, Phaedra herself isn’t saying. Here, now, are the facts.

The Rumor

On April 7, the website Love B. Scott broke the news that Phaedra and RHOA are parting ways. Quoting anonymous insider sources, Scott claimed that everyone else in the RHOA universe got a new contract to come back to the show — everyone, that is, except for Phaedra.

“Everyone was given their renewal papers last week and Phaedra didn’t get hers. She got caught in so many treacherous lies this season that even the producers (including Andy Cohen) have had enough. She even brought ‘fake’ divorce papers to the reunion to prove a point. No one knows whether she’s telling the truth about anything anymore.”

Further, the anonymous sources claim that Phaedra’s lies led to “legal issues” for the show’s producers. She’s become a liability to the show, the sources say, and producers want nothing more to do with her.

Consider the Source

The problem with anonymous, insider sources is that anybody can say anything and a website can attribute it to an “anonymous source.” That’s how magazines like National Enquirer and Star stay in business; heck, Star even says, right there on their website’s main page, that they pay for tips, and they even give a toll-free number to call. Call them today and tell them that you’re BFF’s with Meghan Trainor and you have it on good authority that she’s dying of pneumonia, and tomorrow the “news” will be plastered all over their website.

Reputable news organizations like CNN and MSNBC often rely on anonymous insider sources as well; the difference between legitimate news organizations and celebrity trash purveyors is that legitimate news outlets vet what their sources say and only use sources that they can trust. Celebrity rags will print anything if it’s tawdry enough, so it seems, especially if the story seems plausible enough.

So is Love B. Scott a reliable source or a celebrity trash rag? At this point, the jury appears to still be out. But based on the About section of his website, it appears that he styles himself an “independent celebrity news and entertainment network.” His resume doesn’t inspire confidence.

“B. Scott popped into living rooms across the world in 2007 as one of YouTube’s first Internet celebrities and has since transformed his humble video platform into one of the largest independent celebrity news and entertainment networks in the digital space. B. Scott has interviewed numerous A-List celebrities including his good friend, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Chaka Khan, to name a few.”

Phaedra’s Rep Denies It

In one of the shortest denials in celebrity rumor-denial history, Parks’ rep reached out to Essence to set the record straight on her firing.

”It’s untrue.”

B. Scott Doubles Down

Unfazed by a denial, B. Scott continues to insist that he’s telling the truth; he updated his original story about Parks’ alleged firing to include the denial. He then goes on to say that Phaedra is just playing a game of semantics, denying that she’s been “fired” because the definition is technically different from being “not asked to return.” Further, he says, Parks has removed all references to RHOA from her social media accounts; ironically, that much is true, according to Rolling Out.

The four-episode reunion for Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, with or without Phaedra Parks, begins Sunday, April 16, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo.

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