Spain’s ‘Oldest Mom,’ 64, Loses Care Of Newborn Twins After Social Service Visit

A defiant Spain sexagenarian beat all odds and gave birth to healthy twins, only to have them taken away from her two months later by child services in the country.

New mother Mauricia Ibanez first received widespread attention in March of this year following the announcement of her pregnancy and subsequent delivery of the twins, a boy and a girl, Gabriel and Maria de la Cruz, at age 64, in February, according to the Daily Mirror.

The risky and controversial health feat was purportedly helped along by fertility treatments that the elder mother flew from Spain to the United States for. The birth by C-section of the babies on February 14, was said to been inspired by a combination of wanting to provide siblings for her oldest daughter, Blanca, 6, while also wanting to disprove to naysayers that she was too old to carry and/or raise and more children.

“I feel totally prepared to look after all three of them,” she beamed during an interview not too long after birthing the twins.

Evidently, Spanish child services knew differently about the elder mom, as it turned out that Blanca had been previously removed from Ibanez’s care by welfare officials six months earlier as a result of reported severe abandonment.

“Blanca [actually] now lives with relatives in Canada after being taken by social services in 2014,” Metro details, “because a court determined [that the girl] suffered [from] isolation, lived in a house with a lack of hygiene, [while also not] being [properly] schooled.”

Unbeknownst to the mother, the case regarding her oldest daughter ultimately led to Spain’s child services opening up a new investigation for the twins’ sake, which began immediately after her departure from the Burgos medical facility where Ibanez gave birth, in mid-March.

spain oldest mom

While details into the latter guardianship claims were not made clear, officers apparently still found it best to remove the infant children from the mother’s residence in nearby Palacios de la Sierra earlier this week.

“[Ms. Ibanez] is devastated and very traumatized,” the mother’s lawyer, Juan Carlos Saiz, stated to reporters, before adding that the seizure of the twins hurt the mom more because of the similar experience she went through with Blanca.

“The first time this happened was very painful for her,” Mr. Saiz continued.

“This time, [however], it’s much worse.”

When confronted about the reports of Blanca being removed from her care three weeks ago, Ibanez admitted that she was in the midst of a court battle to get her daughter back.

“There was no rational justification for them to take my little girl away,” she expressed.

“I want her back so she can get to know her brother and sister, and I hope that can happen [soon]. They should [all] be with their mom.”

A round of tests performed by doctors in Spain on Ibanez before the birth of Blanca in 2011 supposedly uncovered some kind of personality disorder, which the then first-time mom was ultimately informed of. There have been no mentions of her condition requiring medication or psychological treatment, nor has their been any word on if the mom’s diagnosis is directly connected to Spain social services’ removal of both Blanca and the twins.

Coincidentally, despite the uproar surrounding the twin’s birth, Ms. Ibanez seemed to be of sound mind during her TV interview in Spain back in March, and promised that she would do her very best to be a good mom to all of her kids.

“I think about my children, more than I do about me. Being able to have children when you’re [this old] is a gift.”

Consequently, there have been no mentions of men relatively attached to the twins, Blanca, or “Spain’s oldest mom.”

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