‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Declares Franco Off Limits – Jake Crushed

General Hospital spoilers for next week show Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) loses his temper again with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), and this time it could endanger his relationship with his son Jake Spencer (Hudson West). Jason may unintentionally push Jake away trying to protect him.

The Real Source Of Jason’s Frustration

From General Hospital history, we know Jason has plenty of reason to be angry with Franco since he tormented Jason and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) before he had his tumor removed and was still a crazed stalker and killer. The wounds Franco inflicted on the Morgans are not those that easily heal.

But General Hospital spoilers also say Jason is deeply frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t protect his son Jake from evil Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). Jason and Liz agreed he would pretend to not be Jake’s dad. Then Jake was kidnapped, and Jason went missing, presumed dead and frozen.


Jake Can’t Leave Franco Alone

General Hospital spoilers show Franco feels a bond with Jake because he feels the same disturbances surrounding Jake that Franco himself felt growing up. Franco told Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) on Tuesday’s General Hospital that he senses darkness in Jake that reminds him of himself and he’s worried.

Although Franco absolutely respects Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) request that he step back from Jake to keep Jason in check, but it’s getting harder and harder. Jake won’t stop reaching out to Franco, as we’ll see more of on Monday’s show, according to recent General Hospital spoilers.


Jason Enraged On Monday’s GH

General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows reveal on Monday, April 10, Franco is stunned to see Jake at the door of the art studio. Poor Jake feels rejected by Franco, but the reformed psycho knows he can’t harbor the kid or there will be trouble from Jason – and Franco is completely right.

Franco does the right thing, according to General Hospital spoilers, and calls Liz so she and Jason can come pick up Jake. Jake’s parents come hustling over and Jason goes berserk despite that Franco didn’t invite Jake over to see him and has been keeping a respectful distance.


Jason Faces Some Uncomfortable Truths

We’ve seen on General Hospital recently that part of Jason thought Franco was making up Jake drama to stir things up and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) agreed Franco could be doing it. But now, after Jake’s session with Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery), it’s become clear Jake has real issues.

Other General Hospital spoilers predict Jason is torn because he begins to see that Franco is legitimately helping Jake but, at the same time, he can’t forget the ugly history between them. GH spoilers promise there is a major showdown coming between the men that will clear the air or make things much worse.


Jason Chastises His Son Then Feels Bad

The most recent General Hospital spoilers say when Jason shows up with Liz to pick up Jake, he’s livid and Jason goes off. He declares that Franco and his art studio are both off limits to Jake. Jason is struggling with his frustration that Helena did something to his son and he wasn’t able to stop it.

Other General Hospital spoilers say Jason is troubled by Jake’s connection with Franco that Jake seems unwilling to give up. Jason is worried that Jake’s bond with Franco might be stronger than his father-son bond with Jake, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers from the new issue of Soap Opera Digest.


A Disturbing Message For Franco

Franco endures Jason’s angry reaction to Jake turning up at his studio, say General Hospital spoilers. But then after Jason and Liz leave with Jake, Franco finds something that concerns him. Jake left a message behind at the art studio that he knew Franco would find, and not his parents.

Other General Hospital spoilers reveal the message Jake leaves is about Jason and it’s stunning. This message has Franco second guessing stepping back from Jake. Franco contacts Liz to let her know about the cryptic and disturbing message and it’s not too long before Jake’s situation leaves Liz distraught.

We won’t find out for a few more weeks exactly what Helena did to Jake according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.


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