‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2, Ep 2 (Ep 27) Recap, Highlights: A Painful Homecoming Proves That Sasha Is A Bada**

Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 2, (Ep 27 counting from Season 1) just aired, and it could not be any more perfect. The episode in itself was not too plot heavy, save for a number of scenes involving Pastor Nick, Levi, and Hange. What really made the episode quite amazing, however, was the transformation of everyone’s favorite potato girl from a cute, comical character to a straight-up bada** that is second only to Mikasa. Ladies and gents, this episode is all about Sasha, and she shines. Oh boy, she shines.

Do take note, however, that from this point on, there would be massive spoilers ahead. With this said, those who have not watched the episode yet are best advised to proceed with caution.

The episode opened with Sasha deciding to check on her old village by herself. On the way there, she noticed a titan’s footprint. Not one of the huge 15-meter ones, however. The footprint looked it came from one of those 3-meter class giants. Upon clearing the trees, Sasha was surprised to see that another village has sprung up where her old town used to be. A few flashback scenes featuring a younger Sasha and her dad were depicted.


Sasha’s flashback of her father and how he taught her a lesson about helping humanity was short, yet poignant. In those few moments, viewers were able to see potato girl in a much more dynamic light, and she just became more awesome because of it. On a completely different matter, the way younger, pre-Survey Corps Sasha chomped down on a piece of meat proved that if Sasha would ever become a Titan, she would most likely eat the whole world. The girl has a black hole for a stomach, and that is one of the reasons why fans love her so much, according to a Den of Geek report.

Upon arriving in the village, however, Sasha was aghast to see a rather small titan inside a house, slowly chomping the leg off a mother while her daughter watched. Sasha attempted to kill the giant by hitting its neck with an ax, but the blade simply would not cause enough damage. The titan’s nape just kept regenerating, and seeing this, Sasha grabbed the catatonic child, apologized to the half-eaten, but clearly still-living mother, and ran.

The scene was nothing short of heartbreaking as there was quite literally nothing that Sasha could do to save the mother who was being eaten alive. The child eventually explained to the Survey Corps member that the villagers left them when everyone evacuated because they knew her mother had bad legs. Sasha, for her part, decided to let the girl run ahead. She stopped running and decided to take on the titan on her own.


Using a bow and arrow, Sasha was able to hit one of the eyes of the man-eating giant. With only one arrow left, however, everyone’s favorite potato girl decided to stab the titan’s other eye at point-blank range. This blinded the titan, but it enabled it to crush Sasha in a bearhug. Thanks to all the blood from eating the mother earlier, however, the titan’s body was slippery enough for Sasha to break free. As she continued running, Sasha was reunited with her father, who told her that she was everything he could have hoped for.

The episode ended with Connie entering his village with the rest of the Survey Corps trainees. Unlike Sasha’s town, Connie’s village was in shambles, apparently from a titan attack. Heading over to his house, Connie was surprised and horrified to see a giant lying back, crushing his old home. Other soldiers noted that the titan’s arms and legs were far too small for it to move, so how it got there was a complete mystery. This was not all, however, as the titan also seemed to have appeared from within the house, based on how the roof of Connie’s home was destroyed. As Connie and the strange titan looked at each other, it was evident that the two shared the same eyes.

During the episode, many fans became apprehensive over the numerous death flags that the anime placed on Sasha. Her flashbacks, the fact that she was alone and without her titan-killing equipment only added to viewers’ tension. Fortunately, if there were an anime that completely breaks tradition, it would be Attack on Titan. Overall, Season 2, Episode 2, was a wild ride from start to finish, and it currently stands as one of the blockbuster anime’s best episodes since Season 1.

[Featured Image by Kodansha]