Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Not Pushed: 2017 Flagship Device Price And Bonus Deals With DeX Confirmed?

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the two 2017 flagship devices from the South Korean company will be shipped as per the previously hinted release date.

Samsung's S8, and its slightly larger cousin, the S8+, will start shipping within two weeks. Although there were persistent rumors about the release date of S8 being pushed back, the devices will be sent out to customers who have pre-booked the devices starting April 21. Moreover, the company appears to be ready to send the smartphones to retail outlets as well. In other words, Samsung has been able to meet its committed delivery date of S8 and S8+.

Interestingly, with just two weeks left for Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+ devices to hit the shelves, the company has further pushed the euphoria about the device by airing the first new TV commercial that focuses on the duo, and as evident from the video, the Korean company has clearly focused on the gorgeous QHD+, next-generation OLED, and seemingly bezel-free display. Incidentally, Samsung is calling the 2K panel "Infinity Display"

The concept of the advertisement is pretty simple and straightforward. It begins with a video of female boxer who enters the ring to train. As she begins training, the imagery shifts, and viewers are greeted to a mundane smartphone with large bezels. Although the bezels displayed on the device are quite large, they aren't uncommon. Many smartphones have been criticized for having larger than necessary bezels. After the woman hits out, one of the bezel falls out. Thereafter subsequent scenes are neatly blended to coincide with each of the side shedding its bezel, until the phone is completely bezel-less. Interestingly, the animation may appear quite rudimentary, but the effectiveness lies in the utter simplicity with which it is shown.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+ are currently available for pre-order from all major wireless carriers in the United States of America. However, each carrier has a slightly different pricing. Depending on where you buy Samsung S8 or S8+, you could be charged anywhere between $720 and $850.

Apart from the devices, pre-orders ship with a free next-generation Gear VR headset and wireless controller. Some pre-orders will also be eligible for an Oculus game pack. Interestingly, there's a special $99 bonus bundle which will include AKG over-ear Bluetooth headphones (as well as the earphones) as well as a 256GB memory card to slide into the dedicated Micro SD memory card slot. AKG's parent company is Harman, a company that specializes in high-end audio products. Incidentally, Samsung finalized the sale of Harman last month. Evidently, owning an audio products company allows Samsung to offer some of the highly sought after earphones.

Although the Samsung S8 and S8+ release date hasn't been pushed back, the company has ensured that whoever buys a new S8 will receive Samsung Rewards Platinum level with bonus points, if they register for the program by May 14. Big box retailers like Best Buy and Sam's Club have deals of their own, reported BGR.

Although Samsung S8 and S8+ feature fundamentally altered designs that ditch the traditional hardware-based home button for sleek on-screen digital variants, the company has retained the humble 3.5mm audio jack. Besides shifting the fingerprint scanner to the back of the device, Samsung has added a new button that's dedicated to the big new software feature on the Galaxy S8, Bixby. Dedicating a hardware button for a virtual assistant or software feature is certainly a big gamble.

The most significant changes, however, are in the battery and efficiency enhancement departments. Besides introducing a battery that won't degrade as badly as the conventional lithium-ion packs found in most smartphones today, Samsung has introduced DeX, an futuristic desktop dock that allows the S8 or S8+ to become a complete desktop, provided the user has access to a monitor, USB keyboard and mouse, and all the necessary cables.

Samsung had previously announced that it would sell the infamous Galaxy Note 7 as refurbished devices. Unfortunately, there has been no update the expected release date. While the S8 & S8+ can certainly be considered the flagship devices of 2017, Galaxy Note 7 was one of the best devices of 2016, and considering the hardware it packed, the smartphone can easily give majority of the android smartphones out there a run for their money.

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]