Billie Lourd And Taylor Lautner PDA, But Billie Still 'Struggling' After Double Tragedy [Update]

Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner showed some serious PDA while soaking up the sun together on a romantic St Bart's getaway. Us Magazine wrote that the new American Horror Story star and Lautner were spotted kissing during their Caribbean holiday where Billie and Taylor were "frolicking and kissing" and looking super happy together.

The Scream Queens costars were on a family vacation with Billie's father, Bryan Lourd and his husband Bruce Bozzi. Bozzi had some fun on Instagram when he shared a pic of Billie, Taylor, Billie's father, Bryan, himself, and an unnamed friend all wearing cosmetic face masks to help fix the ravages of the Caribbean sun.

Lourd's father was married to Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars icon who played Princess Leia. Fisher died at the end of December, one day before Billie's grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, passed away.

Taylor Lautner supported Billie Lourd throughout the double tragedies
Billie Lourd was deeply attached to her mom, Carrie Fisher, and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

E! News writes that although Lourd and Lautner really had no choice but to go public with their relationship as Taylor supported Billie after the double tragedy, the two have never officially commented or confirmed their romance. At the time, they were outed by Scream Queens costar Keke Palmer, who posted a pic to her Snapchat of Billie and Taylor kissing. The pic was later shared to Twitter as well.

According to the Daily Mail via Us Weekly,Billie Lourd is still having a tough time coping with her double loss and was "just putting on a brave face" as she cavorted with Lautner in the Caribbean. Carrie Fisher's brother Todd shared how his niece is "still struggling" with her recovery from the tragedy.
'You know, she's 24 years old and just took a huge shot."
Lourd's uncle went on to say that on Instagram, Billie is "sucking it up and acting like everything's fine, but it's very tough."

Lourd's grieving period is one reason the couple is very private when it comes to talking about their heating-up romance, but they are comfortable enough with sharing some pics of their time together.

On Billie's birthday, the American Horror Story star shared a photo that showed Billie and Taylor wearing "adorable" matching onesies, and she hashtagged the pic with #numberonesie. That's about as official as it gets when it comes to relationship communication from the Lautner and Lourd.

Earlier, there was a great photo of the two onscreen and offscreen lovers cheek-to-cheek, captioned, "Lovers Point."
Because Billie and Taylor are love interests in Scream Queens, fans are used to seeing them get affectionate with each other, but it's not all that usual for them to be touchy-feely in public. The unexpected PDA in the Caribbean delighted Billie and Taylor's many fans. One thrilled Twitter user and Billie Lourd fan said the pic of Taylor kissing Billie's neck is adorable.
After the engaging moment of affection when Billie and Taylor could not keep their hands or lips off each other got close in the water, they cooled their PDA.

On the following day, the Daily Mail reports that the couple was "much more subtle and restrained" with each other. Lourd, 24, and Lautner, 25, spent some time relaxing with friends and, for the most part, they kept their hands to themselves.

Their restraint didn't mean the romance was in trouble though. When the group headed back to the yacht on a zodiac, Lautner carried Lourd's bag in true gentlemanly fashion. Billie snuggled close to Taylor in the Zodiac and slipped her arm around his "broad shoulders."

What do you think of Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner's romance? Will the Scream Queens couple stick together off screen to become a real-life American love story?

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