Tyra Banks To Reprise Her Role In ‘Life-Size’ Sequel

Model, actress, and reality television host Tyra Banks will reportedly reprise her roll as a living doll in the sequel to the 2000 TV movie Life-Size, according to Gawker.

Although the original film also starred Lindsay Lohan, chances are the troubled actress won’t be returning for the sequel. Given the absolutely horrendous reviews her recent made-for-television movie has received, she may not appear in anything else for a while.

In addition to reprising her role as Eve in the project, Variety reports that Tyra Banks will executive produce the upcoming sequel. Disney is currently looking for writers to pen the script. It’s currently unknown when the follow-up will make it to the small screen.

For those who missed director Mark Rosman’s 2000 feel-good family drama, the film follows the adventures of a tomboy (Lohan) whose mother suddenly dies. The kid is understandably upset by this tragic event, prompting her to turn to the world of voodoo in an effort to bring her back to life.

Unfortunately, the spell goes completely wrong. Instead of raising her mom from the dead, the spell brings her doll (Banks) to life. Although she’s initially disappointed about the mix-up, she soon develops a special bond with the animated doll. All sorts of life lessons are learned by the time the end credits roll.

When Life-Size first debuted on ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney back in 2000, it generated an impressive 13.6 million viewers. Given that the film has developed a strong cult following over the years, Disney is hoping to recapture that success with the forthcoming sequel.

The TV movie starring Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan is currently available on YouTube in a variety of pixelated uploads. Those who are searching for a legitimate copy of the movie can bring one home from Amazon for roughly seven dollars.

Are you looking forward to the Life-Size sequel starring Tyra Banks?