Abby Lee Miller: Dance Moms Star Says She’s Afraid Of Going To Prison

Abby Lee Miller, the former star of Dance Moms who is staring down the barrel of a prison sentence for various financial crimes, admits that she’s afraid of going to prison, Radar Online is reporting.

As of this writing, it’s not clear how long Miller will be going to prison, or even if she’s going to be locked up at all. All of that will be determined on May 8, when she’s sentenced in federal court for bankruptcy fraud. She could get some kind of combination of probation and/or house arrest; she could be sentenced the maximum 30 months; or she could get some fraction of that. It will all depend on how the judge rules when that day comes.

A while ago Miller told People that she was afraid of being a victim of sexual assault while in prison.

“I’m afraid of being physically abused or raped. I think the prosecutor [Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Melucci] is trying to make an example out of me.”

While it’s unlikely that Abby is reading this article (although maybe she likes reading her name in the media; in that case – Hi Abby!), the Inquisitr would like to put her mind at ease a little bit about that possibility.

First of all, if she goes to prison, she will almost undoubtedly be going to a minimum security prison, considering that she’s a non-violent, first-time offender whose crime (bankruptcy fraud) was a “white collar” one. Think more Orange is the New Black (which, by the way, is highly fictionalized, to put it mildly) and less Caged Vixens (or whatever a tawdry movie about a women’s prison would be called).

In other words, while she’s not going to be around Girl Scouts, she’s not going to be around the worst of the worst as far as women criminals, either.

Second, being something of a celebrity, she may or may not be put into something resembling protective custody – although that decision will be made by federal prison officials.

That’s not to say that prison doesn’t suck; even minimum security prison. She’ll be treated like a number, she will have to eat institutional food, her every move will be watched, and so on. And worst of all, she’ll be away from her family and loved ones.

Speaking to Radar Online, it seems that she’s come to terms with the reality that being incarcerated is not going to be easy.

“I think I’m afraid of the actual logistics. Where I’m going to be. What it’s going to be like and all that stuff.”

In fact, the Bureau of Prisons, which ultimately decides where prisoners will serve their time, does try to consider distance from family (among other factors) when deciding where to incarcerate someone. Ultimately, however, Abby Lee will serve her time wherever it’s most convenient for the federal prison system.

Meanwhile, Abby Lee is trying to stay busy to keep her mind off of where the next couple of years will take her. She’s quit Dance Moms, something that’s been a long time coming and was hardly a surprise. She’s also looking towards continuing her reality TV career after she’s done her time.

“The show kept me busy, so now that I’m not doing a television show, I now have time to work on other projects. I have a scripted show I’m pitching right now that I had pitched to Lifetime. I have two reality shows I’m pitching.”

Whether or not Lifetime will be interested in continuing to work with Abby Lee Miller once she’s served her prison sentence remains to be seen.

[Featured Image by Keith Srakocic, File/AP]