'Storage Wars' Kicks Off A New Season Of Bidding And Buying Frenzy On A&E

The Storage Wars crew returns for another great season of bickering, bidding, and buying. Mary Padian, Ivy Calvin, as well as Darrell Sheets will be back, along with Rene Nezhoda and his wife, Casey Lloyd. They are ready to take on the unflappable "young guns" couple, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, and Dave Hester will be returning as well. He will undoubtedly do what he seems to enjoy the most, which is to shake things up between Storage Wars bidders and auctioneers alike if he has the chance.

For those unfamiliar with Storage Wars, this long-running show features professional buyers who bid on abandoned storage units or lockers. At times it can be difficult to see what the units contain, but everyone is hoping to strike it big by finding special, unique, or rare items. In the past, there have been some amazing finds, but for the most part there isn't a lot of profit to be made overall. Sometimes the buyers find themselves at the losing end of the deal when they end up paying more for a unit than what it is worth.

When a locker does look promising, bidding wars often erupt and the winner is left to sift through what is inside, hoping to uncover that one piece that can make them rich. If they do find something promising, they usually take the item to an expert where they learn what the item is, what is was used for, and how much it is worth. The buyers and fans alike often learn something new on each episode of Storage Wars.

As for the Season 10 cast members of Storage Wars, Mary Padian originally appeared on the Storage Wars: Texas series. Known as "The Junkster," her bubbly personality quickly made her a fan favorite when she began appearing on Storage Wars during Season 5. Mary is now a main cast member on Storage Wars, and loves finding what she calls her "treasures." She enjoys taking what most people would consider trash and transforming them into something different.

Ivy Calvin is known as "The King" and he joined Storage Wars during Season 3 after Dave Hester left the show. He owns Grandma's Attic thrift store in Palmdale, California, and is usually looking for pieces he can use to restock his store. He is now one of the main buyers on Storage Wars, and his cheerful, laid-back style usually keeps him from being embroiled in disputes and mind games that go on between the other bidders. There are times he likes to have a little fun with his fellow Storage Wars castmates though, so occasionally he will stir things up.

Darrell Sheets is "The Gambler" and is one of the most experienced veterans of Storage Wars. He has an eye for the storage units that could render him a large profit. He has stated in the past that his best finds include a comic book collection, four drawing by Pablo Picasso, and a letter written by Abraham Lincoln that sold for over $15,000. He is also know for his "Darrellisms" or his funny malapropisms, or play on words. He is usually accompanied by his son, but Brandon posted to Twitter on December 19, 2016, that due to budget cuts he won't be a part of the show this year. Brandon hasn't let that slow him down and after obtaining his realtor's license, he is busy selling homes in Arizona and California.

Husband-and-wife team Rene Nezhoda and Casey Lloyd are the "The Bargain Hunters" and they own the Bargain Hunters thrift store in Poway, California. They became Storage Wars regulars during Season 4, and Rene, who is originally from Germany, likes to speak his mind which sometimes gets him into trouble. Casey is usually able to bring calm to whatever heated situation Rene may find himself in, and gets him focused and back on track. Over the previous season of Storage Wars he has made some good finds, and it's always fun to watch him interact with his father, Gunter Nezhoda, who joins them occasionally on the hunt for that perfect storage unit that will help them turn a big profit.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante have been on Storage Wars from the beginning, and own the Now and Then thrift store in Orange, California. They later opened a second location, but due to poor sales and a lack of profit, it was eventually closed. Jarrod and Brandi are Storage Wars fan favorites, and in 2014 they ended up with their own spinoff show, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job. The new series focused on how the pair juggled running their business while raising their two children, Cameron and Payton. The couple never actually married, but they're still together and going strong on this season of Storage Wars.

Dave Hester likes to be known as "The Mogul" and currently operates his own auction house. Hester is known for creating conflict among both the buyers and the auctioneers on Storage Wars, and enjoys raising bids at the last moment, using his signature "YUUUP" to make his bid. He was fired from the series in December 2012, but is now back and up to his old habits, although during the last few episodes of the previous season of Storage Wars, he seems to have toned it down a bit.

Dan and Laura Dotson have been the regular Storage War auctioneers since the beginning of the show. According to A&E's Storage Wars bio page, they run American Auctioneers, and Dan has been the primary auctioneer since 1974. At times Laura has demonstrated that she is more than able to call an auction or two, but her primary role is to keep track of what's going on with each unit as it sells, and at the end of every auction she reminds everyone to, "Don't forget to pay the lady!" Back in the summer of 2014, Storage Wars fans were shocked to learn that Dan suffered a double brain aneurysm, but fortunately he made a quick recovery and has been going strong ever since

Besides Dan and Laura Dotson, there will be another auctioneer on this season of Storage Wars. Newcomer Emily Wears, 27, will be joining the cast for nine episodes of the popular A&E series. Emily's father owns Wears Auctioneering Inc., and she grew up around the business. Like her father, she is a professional auctioneer but she recently shared with Solon, Iowa's KCRG-TV9 that there was a time she wasn't sure she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

"I didn't get to do extra sports on the weekends and fun stuff like that. I didn't get to have a lot of time with friends and do sleepovers so I kind of loathed it because it was this necessary evil, I didn't have a choice" Emily said.

Eventually the business grew on her and she attended auctioneering school. Only three percent of auctioneers are women, and Wears is happy to one of the elite few.

"I'm one of very few women so getting to represent that is pretty cool for me" said Emily.

One thing is for sure, this group of Storage Wars veterans will continue to provide viewers with plenty of laughs, interlaced at times with some serious drama. Sometimes the jokes and trash talk can get a little intense, but hopefully everyone can keep their cool on this season of Storage Wars.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Storage Wars below. The new season of Storage Wars premieres on Wednesday, April 12 at 9 p.m. ET on the A&E Channel.

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