Is April The Giraffe’s Pregnancy A Hoax? Some Have Started To Speculate Conspiracy Theories

The entire world has been watching the live feed of Animal Adventure Park’s April the Giraffe’s pregnancy anxiously awaiting the birth of her calf and some have started to question if it is all a hoax.

According to Babble any mother who has ever gone way past her due date can sympathize with April’s the giraffe pregnancy experience. This long-necked creature who lives at Animal Adventure Park – which is located in Harpursville, New York – has been pregnant for 15 months. Considering the typical pregnancy for a giraffe lasts anywhere from 13 to 15 months, the world assumes April is going to pop at any minute.

April the giraffe is 15-years-old and this will be the fourth calf she has given birth to. Per the video description of the live feed, April has never lost a calf nor has she had a stillborn calf.

At the time of its birth, the April’s calf will weigh approximately 150-pounds and be roughly six-feet tall. The calf’s front hooves followed by its nose will be the first things to come out. April will then proceed to raise the calf with it taking between six to 10 months to wean the calf. Animal Adventure Park will host a contest after the calf is born in order to name it.

Once the calf has been naturally weaned from April the giraffe, it will be moved to a different facility in order to start a breeding program. While this will be the first calf born at Animal Adventure Park, they will not be able to keep it once it is born. This is because it would result in incestuous mating which would harm the genetics used in their mating program.

A pair of giraffes watching over a calf
Could April's pregnancy just he a stunt for attention? [Image by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images]

As people around the world continue to watch the live feed of April’s pregnancy and anxiously await the calf – some have started to speculate whether or not a calf is ever going to come. Is April even really pregnant? Could this pregnancy be a hoax?

E News was one of the first media outlets to run with a headline questioning whether or not April the giraffe’s pregnancy was a hoax. The media outlet proceeded to take a hard look at all the facts surrounding the pregnancy and speculate whether or not there was a possibility it could be a hoax. While Inquisitr will also take a closer look at these facts, it is worth noting that this is nothing more than speculation at this time. The only way for it to be confirmed that April’s pregnancy is a hoax is for Animal Adventure Park to admit it as so.

As you may recall, it was back in February when Animal Adventure Park first launched the live street of April in an attempt to document and educate the end of her pregnancy. It wasn’t too long after the live stream was launched that the animal park ran into a problem. YouTube shut down the stream previously when some extremists and animal rights activists claimed it violated YouTube’s terms of use. Fortunately, the stream was determined to be a tool used to educate and it was restored.

Why is it that some people think April’s pregnancy might be a hoax? Keep reading for some of the conspiracy theories that have been swirling.

You Can’t Visit April

At the moment, the only thing you can do is watch April on the live cam. You can’t actually go to the park and see her because Animal Adventure Park isn’t currently open to the public. The park doesn’t open until May 13. According to E News, some conspiracy theorists have speculated not only is the pregnancy a hoax, but it is nothing more than an attempt to get the park some attention – and some money – while they are in an off-season. Are the final stages of the pregnancy occurring during their off-season really just a coincidence?

The Live Stream Is A Little Fishy

E News also points out that there are a number of different aspects of the live stream of April’s pregnancy that are a little fishy. For starters, there is absolutely no guarantee you are watching what you are actually watching. For example, there is no time code to prove you are watching April the giraffe in real-time. This has resulted in some conspiracy theorists speculating you are just watching re-purposed footage.

E News went as far as having several individuals pulling up the feed at the same time on different computers. What they claimed to have found is different versions of what is supposed to be live feed on their computers. The news outlet questioned why that was happening. Shouldn’t the feed be the same – or the same with a slight lag – if they are watching live feed on several different computers at the same time? E News does mention there is always a chance it is a computer glitch, even though they believe it is unlikely.

There were several weeks where you had the opportunity to chime in and leave short messages to April the giraffe. The chat, however, has been disabled. E News speculates this may be because of the increased speculation and negativity that the pregnancy could just be a hoax.

The last piece of evidence worth noting is simply the fact that April is still pregnant and there’s no newborn calf in her pen with her. The pregnancy of a giraffe is usually from 13-15 months. April is more or less falling out of that typical window. Is she really just having an extra long pregnancy or is it a hoax?

A close-up of a mother and baby giraffe bonding
Is April really pregnant? [Image by Joern Pollex/Getty Images]

As stated previously, there is no way to know for sure whether or not the pregnancy is a hoax unless the animal park confirms or denies the claim. At some point in time April the giraffe is either going to give birth or the pregnancy will go past the point of being realistic. The real question here is – do you think the pregnancy is a hoax?

[Featured Image by Ecliptic Blue/Shutterstock]