Tomi Lahren Suing Glenn Beck And The Blaze Over Wrongful Termination

A little while back The Blaze permanently banned their young conservative and controversial host Tomi Lahren over expressing her feelings of being pro-choice, and now she’s firing back at them with a lawsuit. Tomi Lahren is known for her controversial show, but mostly for the last segment of it called “final thoughts.” The idea of it is to break down whatever she is upset about that day and attack it head on. People have been both very much for what she says then, and much against.

Regardless of how you feel, Tomi is someone that young Republicans know very well. Republicans want to gear their efforts toward a younger audience similar to Democrats, which is why Glenn Beck was all for promoting Tomi Lahren up the ladder so that she was seen more and more. Her segments get a lot of online attention, with those final thoughts videos seeing millions of views.

Tomi Lahren was money for The Blaze and the company knew it, so when rumors of her contract coming up and her not having re-signed with the media company came about…things seemed bleak. Many even believe her comments regarding being pro-choice were done simply to open her up to more opportunities with other media companies. Regardless of why, it was not assumed she would be fired for what she said.

Tomi Lahren Politicon

Now according to The Dallas Morning News, Tomi is filing a lawsuit against The Blaze and Glenn Beck over wrongful termination. The suit claims that her show was wrongly canceled over her comments made on The View. The lawsuit states that Tomi Lahren was:

“Understandably disappointed, saddened and in shock for being suspended for freely expressing her opinions, which certainly reconcile with what is the law of the land in the United States i.e., a woman’s constitutional right to choose and in no way inconsistent with any of [Lahren’s] obligations under the Employment Contract.”

Not everyone loved what Tomi Lahren said regarding her pro-choice remarks. While many Republicans rebuked her at the very statement of being pro-choice, others merely had an issue with how she said it, in that she seemed to attack those who did not disagree with how she came to her opinion. She would tell The View:

“I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies.”

Tomi was originally “suspended” by The Blaze for those very remarks, and she was then told to “go dark” on social media as well…this according to the lawsuit. The suit also alleges that The Blaze was aware of her position on abortion well before she commented on it. The Dallas News notes that the company “never took any issue with it.” Despite all of this, The Blaze claimed on Friday that Lahren was actually still under contract with them and even being paid by the company.

A company spokesperson for The Blaze spoke out on the lawsuit by Tomi Lahren and seemed to try and push back on it. The spokesperson went with the report from the media company in his statement, saying:

Tomi Lahren outside The View

“It is puzzling that an employee who remains under contract (and is still being paid) has sued us for being fired, especially when we continue to comply fully with the terms of our agreement with her.”

The lawsuit did not cover up that Tomi Lahren was under contract still, this despite reports of being fired…simply due to her show being canceled. According to the lawsuit filed by Lahren, The Blaze expressed interest in continuing to pay Tomi, “presumably hoping they could find an exit strategy to sanitize their unlawful conduct.”

The lawsuit asks that Tomi Lahren receive a temporary restraining order protecting her right to freely express her views as well as stop The Blaze from destroying evidence related to the incident. According to the report, Tomi is also asking for attorney fees and costs on top of other relief “which she may show herself justly entitled.”

Basically, Tomi Lahren feels slighted by all of this, and she feels the only reason there is any pay and contract termination has not become official is due to the fact that The Blaze wants to stay out of the very thing Tomi is doing now. Sadly for them, Lahren is very much against the fact that she was suspended and her show was removed from the air when she felt it was her right to say how she felt. This is especially an issue for her because the company knew her stance beforehand. It very well could be an interesting situation for Tomi. It is unknown if she will end up on another network this year as of now or not.

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