’13 Reasons Why’: Selena Gomez Was Too ‘Scared’ To Play Hannah Before Katherine Langford Joined Netflix Cast

Selena Gomez was supposed to play Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why. But, she eventually decided against joining the cast. It was Katherine Langford who was chosen to play the protagonist in the highly-rated Netflix TV series, based on Jay Asher’s bestselling novel. The drama deals with a serious issue like teenage suicide. Selena, with her mental health history, was definitely interested in the story. Even though she did not want to act in the series, she became the executive producer. The singer-actress has recently revealed that she was too scared to play Hannah in the TV series.

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Selena felt an instant connection with Hannah Baker, who commits suicide in the TV series. However, before ending her life, Hannah makes 13 audio tapes to express herself regarding the reasons that led to her suicide.

“I see myself as Hannah so much,” Selena said. “I wanted it to feel like anyone can see themselves in this.”

Selena was the original choice to play Hannah Baker in the movie adaptation of 13 Reasons Why in 2011. However, the dedicated fan following of the novel was frightening enough for her to say no to the role. She told The Hollywood Reporter that she was not interested because the movie was supposed to be based on a book.

“A book is frightening for me because I know the cult following it has, which is the reason why I didn’t want to be in it,” she said.

According to Katherine Langford, Selena Gomez became extremely involved during the making of the TV series, even though she was not a part of the cast. In addition, her mother Mandy was also quite supportive during the process. Katherine said Selena got “ridiculously busy” in the making despite being “Selena Gomez.” The mother and the daughter regularly send emails to the cast to check out if they were alright.

Katherine Langford was chosen to play the protagonist in 13 Reasons Why.

13 Reasons Why became an instant hit on social media since its release on Friday. The best part of the Netflix series is that it is not just another teenage drama. It deals with a serious issue in an equally serious way. Unlike other teenage dramas, Brian Yorkey’s TV series discusses the traumas teenagers go through in present times. It deals with issues like mental health, rape, harassment, and bullying. According to Langford, it is strange that there was no TV series on such issues so far.

Brian Yorkey worked closely with Jay Asher to work on the project because there was a huge fan base of the novel. However, the cast members were told that they didn’t have to read the book, as the show would be different from the book anyway. The show goes further into the details of the issues and addresses what might be done to make a significant change.

Selena Gomez is the executive producer of 13 Reasons Why.

13 Reasons Why Season 1 has 13 episodes, and each episode discloses more reasons why Hannah committed suicide. People wonder if there could be more stories in Hannah’s life. And, that’s why it is speculated if there will be a Season 2. Neither Selena nor Katherine denied the possibility of a second season. According to Selena, every character has many stories. Even Katherine said it would be “cool” to have another season.

“It would be cool to continue the dialogue of this story,” Katherine said. “There are so many cliffhangers at the end of the season.”

13 Reasons Why premiered on March 31 on Netflix. The series also stars Dylan Minnette, Kate Walsh, and Miles Heizer.

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