Marshawn Lynch Raiders Rumors: Why No Oakland Trade Yet And How Old Is Marshawn Lynch?

Marshawn Lynch-Raiders rumors persist but leave fans with a lot of questions. Why has no Seattle Seahawks trade taken place with the Oakland Raiders yet? Why hasn’t the situation progressed between Oakland and Seattle? How old is Marshawn Lynch? That last question is one that many fans have been asking on social media, as Lynch’s age seems relevant as he courts thoughts of unretiring during the NFL offseason.

In what seems to be a neverending soap opera, many Oakland Raiders rumors about the running back situation continue to percolate around the NFL. Latavius Murray signed with the Minnesota Vikings in free agency and as a report by ESPN explains, he could see nice bonuses if he rushes for more than 1,000 yards in 2017. This left the Raiders with a hole at running back. It opens the door for a number of solutions.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, newly signed receiver Cordarrelle Patterson has been working hard to get former Minnesota Vikings teammate Adrian Peterson to join him with the Raiders. Peterson could make a lot of sense for the Raiders, as he gives the team a big “name” in NFL free agency and he could certainly help improve the offense. The New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and Detroit Lions also have an interest in Peterson.

Working back to the Marshawn Lynch-Raiders rumors, for a while now this has been mentioned as a way to bring the former Pro Bowl running back to the NFL again. Lynch has ties to the area, having attended the University of California before getting drafted. If he unretires, the Seattle Seahawks retain his rights, which is why there could be a lot of drama attached to the situation. He hasn’t officially unretired yet.

Marshawn Lynch Blocks For Seattle Seahawks

If Lynch unretires, he resumes a contract that is in place with the Seahawks. Lynch’s contract continues two more years and would pay him a base salary of $9 million in 2017 and then $7 million in 2018. That second season would also include a roster bonus of $3 million, possibly making it an expensive endeavor in an Oakland Raiders trade. Instead, the Raiders may want to have the Seahawks release him first, making him available at a lower rate. But will the Seahawks want to help out Lynch in that fashion?

Among all the Marshawn Lynch rumors are indications that he has given both Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and the front office of the Oakland Raiders about his interest in playing football again. For an unknown reason, though, the two teams have not begun negotiations on possibly getting something done. There is still time for Lynch to get released and sign with the Raiders, but it may take an overture from Reggie McKenzie to get things moving.

If the Raiders don’t make a move on getting Lynch, NFL free agency still holds a few intriguing options. Adrian Peterson, LeGarette Blount, and Jammal Charles are all available running backs looking for a new team. The Raiders’ salary cap space could allow a deal to take place with any one of them. That salary cap room would also make it possible to simply trade for Lynch.

Marshawn Lynch Running For Seattle Seahawks Against San Francisco 49ers

So how old is Marshawn Lynch? He will turn 31 on April 22, making him “old” for the position of running back. He also hasn’t played since the 2015 NFL season, when he struggled to stay healthy for the Seattle Seahawks. While he could return to form with a new team, the odds aren’t in his favor to be as good as when helped get the Seahawks to two consecutive Super Bowls. That may not be the primary reason that the Raiders want to sign him though. Instead, he could be a draw for local fans and sell quite a few jerseys.

There are going to be a lot of additional Oakland Raiders rumors over the next few weeks, especially as teams continue to meet with Adrian Peterson to figure out just what type of salary the All-Pro running back is looking to earn in 2017. If the Raiders can get past Marshawn Lynch’s age, though, he would be the perfect acquisition for the team, whether it is through a Seattle Seahawks trade or simply as a free agent signing.

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