Lil Wayne & Chris Brown Drug Investigation: Breezy Denies Involvement, Calls Rumors ‘Bull****’

Lil Wayne and Chris Brown have reportedly found themselves at the center of a federal drug investigation involving a Miami music producer by the name of Harrison Garcia, also known as “Cuban Harry,” after investigators say that they have obtained evidence indicating that Garcia sold drugs to Wayne and Breezy on at least one occasion.

The investigation into Chris Brown and Lil Wayne’s association with Cuban Harry began after Homeland Security investigators were able to obtain text messages and wire transfers between Garcia and the two musicians that reportedly indicate that the duo purchased “lean,” “narcotics,” and “other drugs” from the music producer, the Miami Herald reported.

Chris Brown combats reports suggesting that he and Lil Wayne are being investigated in a federal drug probe.

According to investigators, Garcia, who is currently on trial for federal drug charges, received a $15,000 wire transfer from Chris Brown in 2016 that was allegedly used to obtain “lean” and other drugs before going on to brag about the money made from the deal to a woman via text message.

TMZ reported that Garcia exchanged texts with a woman regarding the hefty deposit Brown placed in his account, sharing a screenshot of the wire transfer from Breezy before telling the woman, “Look who put money [in] my account.”

After the woman asked what the money from Chris Brown was for, Garcia reportedly replied with several smiling-face emojis before writing, “Drugs…lean and s***.”

Lil Wayne and Chris Brown reportedly dragged into an ongoing federal drug investigation.

Similarly, Garcia’s phone records also indicate that he exchanged texts with an “underling” with instructions to deliver marijuana to Lil Wayne, telling his associate, “I’ll shoot u some trees. It’s for Wayne.”

The site also noted that a federal agent testified that Garcia revealed to police that he sold “a lot of narcotics” to Lil Wayne, from which Garcia allegedly used the money to purchase expensive vehicles, sneakers, and guns that he frequently showed off on social media.

According to reports, Garcia’s attorneys are trying to claim that their client’s decision to boast about his lifestyle on social media is nothing more than an attempt to build a social media following and to not promote his role as a “promethazine kingpin,” Hip Hop DX reports. The site further notes that Garcia’s attorneys believe they are making Garcia a “scapegoat” in the ongoing investigation as police are hoping to implicate Brown and Lil Wayne in connection to the drug cartel.

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While Lil Wayne hasn’t spoken out about his alleged involvement with Garcia, Chris Brown took to Instagram on Friday to combat rumors suggesting that he is at the center of the investigation, calling the new reports “bull****.”

“Not today Satan,” Chris Brown began in response to a post made by blog site, Gossip Too Much. “Bull****.”

This isn’t the first time that Chris Brown has been adamant about speaking out against reports claiming that he struggles with drug addiction; last month, Breezy took to Instagram to slam a report by Billboard in which an alleged former employee told the publication that Brown struggles with drug abuse, anger, and violent behavior as a result of his “bipolar II” condition.

In the report, the former employee alleged that Chris Brown often neglects to take his prescribed medication for his condition before going on to note several instances in which Chris had been seen “sipping lean,” taking “coke or Molly,” and stalking his former girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, on social media.

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In response to the allegations, Chris Brown shared a since-deleted video via Instagram in which he points out to fans that the timing of the drug-related reports ironically coincides with his announcements regarding the arrival of a new tour and album.

“Y’all got to stop with this angry s***,” Chris Brown began in his video. “Going through drugs and all this other s***. I’m tired of reading about some s*** as soon as I got something popping.”

Brown continued, “As soon as I wanna promote a tour or party, a f***** album, anything, y’all bring up something.”

What do you think of Chris Brown’s response to his and Lil Wayne’s alleged involvement in the ongoing federal drug investigation?

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