‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 8: Deeks, Kensi’s Wedding Not Happening As CBS Renews Series For Season 9

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 will not feature the much-anticipated moment that fans have hoped for. Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) are not walking down the aisle this season. But it is not all bad news for fans, as they can expect a perfect “Densi” proposal in the season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8.

It is not that Deek has not proposed, but it has never been a direct, romantic proposal. In the previous season, he tested the waters, trying to find out whether Kensi would say yes if got down on his knee and proposed to her at sunset on a beach. Kensi teased that she would say yes to such a romantic proposal.

In NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8, Deeks slipped a ring on Kensi’s finger when she was in a deep coma, saying that sometimes life does not work out the way one planned it, so one adapts.

“So Kensi Blye, will you please wake up and marry me,” Deeks asked her at the time.

And post-coma, he pulled out the ring to propose to a wheelchair-bound Kensi, but the latter told him not to do that as it was not the right time.

Deeks is set to once again propose to Kensi this May, and according to reports, it is going to be a perfect proposal. Daniela Ruah has confirmed that in an interview given to TV Line. She said that the proposal would happen in “quite a lovely way” by the end of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8, adding that it was “definitely” a surprising scene.

“There is a proposal owed, and there is a proposal by the end of the season — but I’m not going to give you details, because it happens in quite a lovely way. Deeks didn’t want Kensi to expect whatever the proposal would be, and I can tell you that the way it is definitely surprising.”

She, however, ruled out the possibility of the couple getting married in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8. She told TV Line that there would be no Kensi and Deek’s wedding this season.

Eric Christian Olsen, on the other hand, told TV Guide that the proposal had to be good as Kensi was a very demanding person.

“Kensi’s very demanding, so Deeks has got to up his game. When it actually happens, it’s gonna have to be good.”

Meanwhile, in this Sunday’s episode, titled “From Havana with Love,” Kensi goes undercover as a salsa dancer at a Cuban club, while her partner, Deeks, plays the part of a bathroom attendant, according to NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 20 synopsis.

“The NCIS team investigates a defense contractor, Rebecca Larmont (Shanna Collins), designing a nuclear attack weapon after her estranged husband, Victor Larmont (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), says he has proof she is selling Navy secrets to a foreign government. Also, Kensi goes undercover as a professional dancer at the Cuban club where the husband works, while Deeks is undercover as the bathroom attendant.”

Daniela Ruah told TV Line that there were a couple of funny moments featuring Deeks in the episode.

“There are a couple of funny scenes where of course he’s not too happy about the proximity of dancing hips between Kensi and this other guy. There are some really, really funny moments where he interrupts à la Deeks.”

CBS has already renewed NCIS: Los Angeles for another season. At Paleyfest, the cast members teased that Season 8’s cliffhanger would be a game changer. And because of the events of the current season finale, NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 is expected to open with a new narrative.

“Sam’s life is going to change. Kensi and Deek’s life is going to change based on the finale.”

The NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 finale airs on Sunday, May 14, on CBS.

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