WWE News: WWE Planning To Put The Club Back Together, Will AJ Styles Team With Finn Balor?

The “WWE Superstar Shake-Up” is set to go down next week on both Monday and Tuesday for WWE RAW and SmackDown Live, and rumors seem to be showing a lot of very interesting results for the likes of AJ Styles and Finn Balor. WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon announced that it was time to “shake things up a bit” this past Monday night on the RAW after WrestleMania.

This night is usually a very big, interesting night and it certainly seemed like the perfect moment to announce such a thing. WWE SmackDown Live has been killing it every week, but it could be argued that WWE RAW has fallen behind a bit. The reason for it is mostly due to creative issues, whereas the blue brand seems to know how to handle everything with their talent. Vince hates seeing his flagship product suffer, so this shake-up is being done to improve things.

One long-standing rumor going around is that AJ Styles will move to WWE RAW in the shake-up. The reason for it has a lot to do with what was said above. WWE needs him there to help WWE RAW ratings, as he has proven to help things on WWE SmackDown Live. This may be due to the creative of the show as well, but it is also considered “the wrestling show.” This means you’re more likely to get a product hardcore wrestling fans like versus the “entertainment show” that WWE RAW is.

AJ Styles with The Club
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According to various sources, it seems all but done that AJ Styles is headed to Monday nights. However, according to Cageside Seats, Vince McMahon has been changing his mind left and right on which moves will be done. This is why you’ve been seeing random reports about various plans for the WWE Superstar Shake-Up. All of them are in planning, but there are shifts by the day due to McMahon not being sure.

What does seem to be in planning is a Club reunion. Vince reportedly wants them back together, which will be interesting if AJ Styles is indeed headed for the face turn that he is rumored for. Most assume that this could happen in a move to WWE RAW, which would make sense. However, Finn Balor is also there and he will be feuding for the WWE United States Championship. This would leave AJ Styles open for the WWE Universal Championship, where they would not cross paths.

However, if they put a Club group together on the same show Finn Balor is on, then he would most likely be part of it. This is especially the case if the the group is going to be a face one. It could always turn later, but it is unknown when or if that would occur. Regardless of this, there is also a rumor out of PWInsider claiming that AJ Styles may stay in place on WWE SmackDown Live.

AJ Styles WWE Champ
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Styles claimed this past week that he did not want to go anywhere, this after saying on Twitter it would be a “phenomenal opportunity” regarding a possible move to WWE RAW. The decision to say he’s not wanting to move was part of the face turn, but Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson could head there to join him. This would mean that another big name from WWE SmackDown Live would move. That very well could be Dean Ambrose, which would allow for WWE to put The Shield together.

The issue is, there is no need for them to be together right now and not a big enough threat that would warrant the group coming together. It’ll be interesting to see if this occurs. What is certain is that AJ Styles will be a key focus of this WWE Superstar Shake-Up. Most experts believe it was designed to help him move up in the company or move him to a different show. That said, he could be the big story both nights next week.

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