Sheryl Crow Would Rather Do This Than Sing About Donald Trump

Singer-songwriter Sherly Crow is talking about her ninth studio album. The album is very much focused on her and her roots. but she still has an opinion when it comes to women’s rights, politics, and other hot topics. That still doesn’t mean Sheryl will be singing about Donald Trump anytime soon.

Crow has taken the advice to be herself. She even named her ninth album, Be Myself. She finds herself returning to the alt-pop sound she made in her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, 25 years ago, according to The Daily Beast. The 55-year-old is not slowing down as she’s going on a tour throughout America this summer.

Sheryl’s album is not self-serving or narcissistic. She told the outlet she hopes her fans will find a connection to it.

“Hopefully they’ll find something on it that resonates with them,” she said.

“I feel like all the things I’ve written about on this record are already in the ether. They’re topics and experiences which are already happening, which made my job really easy. Strangely, this is not a record in any shape or form that was difficult to make, because – frankly – if you’re an artist we’re living in a time where it’s seemingly easy to find things to write about.”

sheryl crow on politics
Sheryl Crow won't outwardly sing about Donald Trump anytime soon. [Image by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images]

She was also asked about whether she’s ever considered writing a song about President Donald Trump. She revealed that she would rather express herself than to be outwardly political.

“I suppose I could but then the tune would take a political view that I would have to really believe in,” Crow said. “I’m not at that point in my music yet. I may never get there at least when it comes to making a political statement at the expense of alienating my audience or placating to them.”

Some would say that Crow’s track “Halfway There,” has some political tones. But the country star has found herself in the same slippery scope that the Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift have been in before. The Dixie Chicks were shunned by the country music industry after speaking out about George W. Bush. Meanwhile, Swift has been slammed in the media for staying silent on Trump and the current political environment.

sheryl crow empowers women
Sheryl Crow hopes to empower women with her new clothing line. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

However, Sheryl may have predicted the political future in her new song “Heartbeat Away.” The track was written in August and recorded in October, long before Donald Trump became the 45th president and any allegations about his Russian ties. It’s about the “fear and uncertainty” the talks about “the president is sweating” while “Russia’s blowing up the phone.”

“The song is just based on this feeling of, what do we not know? How much of everything do we know?” Crow said an interview with The New York Times. “How much of what is happening around us is going to be revealed without us ever having seen it coming? And then look where we are. It’s eerie.”

Sheryl has supported Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. She also said that she won’t allow her kids to watch President Trump whenever he’s on TV.

“I’m embarrassed. … I don’t let my kids watch TV when [Trump is] on,” she said.

The singer also hopes to empower women with her new clothing line. Crow has a new clothing line with HSN, out on April 13. It’s described as “easy-to-wear styles, for the everyday girl, with a rock n’ roll twist,” according to People magazine. The items in the range are priced between $39.90 and $299.90. Crow explained how her new clothing line came about.

“When I was approached about doing this line, one of the things I liked about it besides that the price point was so great was that I could sew lyrics into the fabric and have it be empowering for women. I think right now we could all use a little empowerment. So that was my big draw.”

Expect a lot of rock T-shirts, vintage jeans, and motorcycle jackets. Are you excited about Sheryl Crow’s new music and clothing line? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EIF]