‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Are Jackson And Maggie Getting Together? What About Japril?

Grey’s Anatomy has been teasing a potential Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) romance ever since he met Maggie’s mom, and the latest episode seemed to fuel that ‘ship even further. Are Jackson and Maggie going to get together before the season finale?

According to Romper, the latest installment featured a tender moment between Jackson and Maggie on a porch swing. Jackson was showing Maggie photos of her mom when things turned serious. Maggie’s mom gave Jackson the images to share with Maggie whenever he deemed it was appropriate. At one point on the porch, Maggie leaned her head on Jackson’s shoulder and cried.

The moment was emotional for both characters and left fans wondering if something romantic was in the works. Of course, there’s a possibility that Jackson was only being a good friend to Maggie and doesn’t have romantic feelings for her. After all, Jackson failed to tell Maggie about her mom’s cancer and she partially blames him for her death. This is also why he felt the need to show her the photos.


Further, Jackson and April (Sarah Drew) could still end up together. A few episodes back, the former lovers hooked up during their trip to Montana. With Jackson and April living together and raising their new daughter, it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll fall for Maggie. There could be a love triangle in the mix, with Maggie liking Jackson, but there’s little chance that he would leave April.

This also isn’t a good time for Maggie to spark up a romance. Following her mother’s death, Maggie is understandably emotional and dealing with a lot of issues. She may have found a shoulder to cry on, but that does not mean starting a romance is a good idea.


Of course, Maggie’s mother would like nothing more than her daughter to find her epic romance. According to Movie Fone, Diane Pierce (LaTanya Richardson Jackson) told Maggie that she should take more risks in life and act “a little slutty” before she passed. This could provide enough inspiration for Maggie to try something with Jackson, which is the type of messy situation Grey’s Anatomy thrives on.

Yahoo reports that McCreary is aware of the options at Maggie’s disposal and believes any one of the single men at Grey Sloan Memorial are up for grabs – including Jackson.

“Since all the single-ish guys are in these sort of ambiguous relationships right now, getting involved with any of them might give Maggie something to be messy about,” she stated.

The only real hitch in the theory is Jackson’s relationship with April. If their recent hookup leads to something serious, then there’s little chance that Maggie and Jackson will become a thing. If nothing becomes of Jackson and April, however, there’s a good possibility that Maggie will reach out.


At the very least, it’s good to see Maggie starting the healing process after her mom’s death. According to TV Guide, Jackson also showed Maggie her mother’s medical records. The records proved that Diane knew about the cancer long before she consulted Jackson. Even if they don’t get romantic, it looks like Jackson and Maggie are starting a friendship that could last for a long time.

Whether or not their friendship goes romantic is another matter. Given how Shonda Rhimes always seems to have a trick up her sleeve, there’s no telling which direction she’ll take these characters by the season finale. Fans can only hope that Maggie eventually finds somebody special and doesn’t run into too much heartache along the way.

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