Casey Anthony Never Before Seen Prison Video About To Be Released

Casey Anthony jailhouse conversations videos never before seen by the public will begin airing tomorrow in a three-part miniseries on the Investigation Discovery network. The gruesome and tragic murder of little Caylee Anthony will also be a focal point of the upcoming documentary special.

The Investigation Discovery miniseries, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery will take viewers back through the entire 36-month Caylee Anthony missing child case and murder trial of her mother that began in July of 2008. The toddler had been missing for more than one month before Casey bothered to call police officers and report she did not know what had happened to her little girl. Anthony was acquitted of her daughter’s murder in July of 2011.

The new Casey Anthony miniseries will feature both never-before-seen interviews and some old familiar faces. The Orlando, Florida area sheriff who first interviewed Anthony will be among those showcased in the Investigation Discovery special.

One of the alternate jury members shared his thoughts for the documentary. The interview most of the folks still shocked about Casey’s acquittal want to see is likely the sit-down with Cindy and George Anthony, the parents of the mother accused of killing her own beautiful little girl.

Cindy Anthony and her husband agree to be a part of the miniseries to discuss the happy daughter they raised together and their beloved granddaughter. Casey accused George Anthony of molesting her as a child during Caylee’s murder trial. George vehemently denied the claims and no proof was ever presented to validate the allegations.

Casey Anthony did not consent to be interviewed, but will be getting plenty of screen time anyway via the jailhouse video recordings and other old news accounts. One of the never-before-seen jailhouse interviews reveals Casey quickly alternating between a wide range of emotions when being questioned about Caylee by her parents, the Daily Mail reports.

Casey Anthony did recently give an interview to the Associated Press, with excerpts from the piece being shared on an episode of the Today show.

During a highly emotional video of the jailhouse conversation with her parents from August 14, 2008, the 22-year-old mother had been behind bars for about one month. Casey had refused to meet with her parents several times before agreeing to the recorded visit. The meeting at the Orange County Jail was just five days after what would have been her little girl’s third birthday.

“Hey gorgeous, how you doing,” George Anthony asked after being ushered in to see his daughter.

Casey appears visibly upset and begins to cry before responding, “I look like hell,” and begins laughing amid her sobs.

“Well you know I want to be able to reach out and hug you, give you the bid Papa Joe hug,” her dad said in response. “I want to take all your pain away. So you know, you can tell me anything.”

At the time of the recording, Casey had not yet been charged with the murder of Caylee Anthony. The mother was being held on lying to the police, interfering with a criminal investigation, and child neglect charges.

The child neglect charge was levied because Caylee Anthony had been missing over a month without the mother bothering to report her absence to the police, the Daily Mail reports. The lying and interference charges were filed because Casey said she was working at the Universal Orlando Resort but had actually been fired two years earlier.

The conversation continues and appears to show the conflicted feelings George and Cindy Anthony were developing about their daughter’s innocence. When Cindy reaches for a turn at the phone to talk with Casey, the young woman’s entire demeanor appears to change after hearing the words, “Hi sweetie,” uttered by her mother.

Cindy Anthony begins crying and Casey stares blankly ahead without a trace of emotion on her face.

‘We’re not doing well Casey. Someone just said that… Caylee was dead this morning,” the obviously upset grandmother said while trying to stifle more tears.

In a sarcastic tone, Casey simply replies, “Surprise, surprise.” She then rolls her eyes and appears to adopt a flippant tone with both of her parents as they have a look of horror on their faces at her response to emerging reports her daughter might be dead.

“We need to… we need to have something to go on,” Cindy Anthony said, trying to move the conversation forward.

A look of rage seems to emerge on Casey’s face as she moves about in her seat and then says, “Mom, I don’t have anything.I’m sorry. I’ve been here a month today.”

The meeting appears to go downhill quickly from there. Casey Anthony alternates back and forth between yelling and her parents and demanding they feel sorry for her.

“Do you understand how I feel? I’m not in control over of any of this. You don’t understand. Everybody wants me to have answers,” the incarcerated mother continues before clenching her fists together and appearing extremely agitated.

Cindy Anthony, looking exhausted and speaks in a measured tone appearing to chose her words very carefully, “Casey. Come on. Settle down baby.”

“My entire life has been taken from me,” Casey said, leaving the viewer to wonder if she if referring to the loss of her little girl or her own freedom.

Cindy, still looking for answers, leans in closer to the glass partition standing between her and her adult child and says, “It doesn’t make sense.”

Instead of finally getting some answers about how and why and why Caylee went missing, Casey changes her demeanor once again and says because their conversation can be recorded she doesn’t want to say anything that someone who watches their exchange later can misconstrue.

“There’s things that I need to directly say to each of you,” was all the mother eventually charged with her daughter’s murder, allowed herself to say.

In what may have been one of the final meetings between Cindy and George Anthony and their daughter before the being released from jail, Caylee’s devoted grandmother tried one more time to get some answers from Casey.

“I have a question for you… what is your gut telling you right now?” Cindy asked, meaning did she think Caylee was dead or alive.

“That she’s okay. And she’s not far,” Casey replied. “I know in my heart she’s not far. I can feel it.”

Four months later little Caylee Anthony’s remains were found wrapped inside of a blanket inside of a trash bag which had been left in an overgrown patch of ground near the Anthony home. Casey Anthony never took the stand in her own defense at trial.

What do you think happened to Caylee Anthony?

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