Wendy’s #NuggsForCarter: Carter Wilkerson Needs 18 Million Twitter Retweets For One Year Of Free Nuggets

Carter Wilkerson is on a mission to get one year’s worth of free nuggets. After all, a man needs his “nuggs,” as Carter wrote in the below tweet, which has gone viral since April 5.

As seen in the above tweet, Carter asked Wendy’s how many retweets Wilkerson would need in order to score one year’s worth of free chicken nuggets. Wendy’s replied that Carter would need 18 million retweets, as seen in the response from the official Wendy’s Twitter account @Wendys on April 5, at 7:32 p.m.

Not lacking in confidence or faith in the Interwebs, Wilkerson wrote simply, “Consider it done” in reply to Wendy’s Twitter challenge. That’s when Carter turned to his Twitter readers for help. As of this writing, Wilkerson has gained 1.6 million retweets and 403,000 likes on Twitter, with 10,000 Twitter replies. If folks keep retweeting Wilkerson, it seems Carter is well on his way to hitting his 18 million retweets goal and downing a whole bunch of Wendy’s chicken nuggets before long.

Carter posted a photo of himself on Twitter, tagging Wendy’s and telling the eatery that the next time he eats their chicken nuggets, they’d better be free. Wilkerson even has his own Twitter moment. Named “This man needs 18m retweets for a year’s supply of nuggets,” the amazing Twitter moment describes Carter’s mission, even if it isn’t known if Wendy’s has imposed any kind of time limit on Wilkerson reaching his 18 million retweets. When one Twitter user asked Wendy’s if they set the bar so high with 18 million retweets because they were afraid they’d have to “pay up” one year’s worth of chicken nuggets, Wendy’s replied to the contrary, and stated that they would like to see Carter reach his goal.

“Every so often a hero comes along. This time round that man is Carter Wilkerson. After asking fast food chain Wendy’s how many retweets he would need for a year’s supply of nuggets, he was given a total that would prompt most to give up. Not him. He has the strength to carry on.”

As reported by KRNV, Carter is a high school student at Bishop Manogue High School in Nevada. The junior at the northern Nevada high school is going viral because of Carter’s quest for free Wendy’s nuggets. Carter’s Twitter account can even be seen turning down other eateries, like Burger King, with Wilkerson professing his preference for Wendy’s fast food chain and their chicken nuggets instead.

With Ellen DeGeneres garnering 3.3 million retweets for an Oscar selfie taken in 2014, Wilkerson faces plenty more retweets that need to happen to reach his goal, but with so many large Twitter accounts pleading the case for Carter, he just could surpass Ellen’s record.

When Wilkerson received more than one million retweets, a spokesperson for Wendy’s told him on Twitter that Wendy’s was “officially shook.”

As seen in photos and posts from Twitter throughout this article, plenty of people are helping Carter on his quest for one year’s worth of Wendy’s chicken nuggets. Years ago, Wendy’s switched to non-hydrogenated cooking oil for both their Wendy’s French fries and chicken nugget items, choosing the oil that contains zero grams of trans fat per serving.

Some of the comments Carter is receiving can be read below.

“Give him what he wants .”

“Honestly has gotten way more RTs than we expected.”

“Afraid that you’ll actually have to cough up?”

“Nah, not afraid. It would honestly be pretty awesome if he got that many.”

“There are 450 calories in 10 pack of nugs. Assuming a diet of 2500 calories, that’s 55.55555 nugs a day, or 20277 nugs for the year.”

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]