EVE: FanFest – ‘EVE’ Players Descend On Reykjavik For Celebration Of ‘EVE: Online’

Brynjar SnaerCCP Games

CCP Games EVE: Online is a cultural phenomenon, so it’s no wonder that the 2017 edition of EVE: FanFest has proven to be a large hit with its players. The Reykjavik-based company opened up the Harpa Concert Hall in Iceland on Thursday to players, media, and fans around the world in celebration of the game and its shared world.

The keynote, which is archived on CCP’s Twitch.tv channel, showcased some of the updates and items coming from the company the next year. Present wasn’t just the long-standing EVE: Online, but also updates to Valkyrie, Gunjack and the newly announced Sparc.

Leading the charge this year is the community science project, titled “Project Discovery.” Through this initiate, EVE players can help contribute to research finding exoplanets. Using real-life data, EVE players directly impact scientific research moving forward, using light data provided by research institutions around the world.

The Space Pope and his congregation at EVE FanFest 2017.
The Space Pope and his congregation at EVE FanFest 2017. [Image by Brynar Snaer - CCP Games]Featured image credit: Brynjar Snaer CCP Games

Announced at EVE FanFest is a new Player versus Environment (PVE) experience with a dynamic twist. Introducing Blood Raider Capital Ships, players will be tasked with finding the shipyards the Blood Raiders use to build these powerful new warships. These shipyards aren’t marked on your navigation, so getting to them will prove to be a challenge. And once there, be prepared to deal with defenses like never seen before. AI-controlled defenders react to your numbers and tactics, providing a dynamic and immersive experience. Once a shipyard has been found, it’s immediately revealed to players in the area, which could bring some help – or unintended enemies vying for control of the structure. Either way, capsuleers will be given a real challenge with the Blood Raider Capital ship blueprints as a reward.

EVE: Valkyrie also was given news at CCP’s keynote, officially unveiling the new update GroundRush. The incredible virtual reality game, which the Inquisitr recently talked about its impact in the VR market, is given its first ground-based map with a horizon line. Horizon lines in VR are typically surefire ways to induce motion sickness in most players, however, the way it’s being implemented in EVE: Valkyrie is in a way that the horizon is largely hidden, mitigating this effect. GroundRush launches on all three platforms on April 11, giving players next week a new way to dog fight in the game.

EVE Fanfest 2017 Concourse at Harpa Music Hall
Image by Brynjar Snaer - CCP GamesFeatured image credit: Brynjar SnaerCCP Games

CCP Games is also celebrating two milestones – this is the 13th EVE: FanFest, and more importantly, the 20th anniversary of the Icelandic studio. Twenty years of CCP Games has given birth to some of the most interesting, player driven experiences in gaming today. Whether you play EVE: Online or not, chances are you’ve heard about the battles, or the betrayals, or other crazy player driven stories in New Eden.

CCP Games’ in-house band, Permaband, also is being recognized thanks to Harmonix, by having a few of their songs put into Rock Band 4. Permaband was also featured in the keynote, closing out the event with a cringy – but well received – 80’s style power ballad alongside community members titled “Come Fly With Us,” embedded below.

Finally, for the fans who have joined EVE: Online since the game went free-to-play last year, CCP Games is overhauling the new player experience, making it easier and more approachable for new players. Some touchpoints of the new EVE experience are combat introductions, learning about resource gathering, mining, blueprints, and production – as well as the basics of navigating in EVE (both autopilot and manual piloting). The New Player Experience will launch later this year.

EVE Online released originally in 2003 and has become one of the longest running MMO games in the market today, being supported by multiple massive updates through the years, both in content as well as improvements to the visuals. You can play EVE: Online by heading to their website.

[Featured Image by Brynjar Snaer/CCP Games]