Kim Kardashian: Sex Tape Not Behind ‘KUWTK’ Success, Claims She Worked Hard To Become Wealthy

Kim Kardashian’s biggest regret to date continues to be her infamous 2007 sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J.

According to TMZ, the infamous raunchy video has generated more than $100 million for Vivid Entertainment, who continues to advertise it for the supposed fact that it continues to generate income like no other tape.

Sources allege that whenever Kim Kardashian finds herself in a scandal, sales for her raunchy video skyrocket, subsequently making Vivid a fortune. But with all that being said, insiders stress that Kim Kardashian considers the tape to be her biggest regret of her life.

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Hollywood Life notes that Kim has often told family and friends that the tape is not the reason behind the fact that she’s so successful; her business-driven work ethic and positive mindset have pushed her to become the entrepreneur that she is today.

It’s hard for Kim Kardashian to get away from the sex tape because it’s constantly being brought up on social media and by her fans, but at this given point, the mother-of-two tries to ignore it whenever she can, knowing that it’s something she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life.

While the sex tape may have helped Kim Kardashian launch a career in reality TV, the reality star is refusing to give in to people’s opinions, claiming that if it wasn’t for the deal she made with Vivid to release the video, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

“Kim still regrets the sex tape 10 years later,” a source explained. “She’s convinced her success has come from hard work and good decisions. But if she could go back and do it over, she would have never agreed to let Ray J film their intimate moments in the bedroom. Kim does not spend time anymore being upset or thinking about the tape but she does see the tape as her biggest mistake and most embarrassing moment on film.”

It’s debatable to say that the sex tape is the reason why Kim Kardashian has become as successful as she has in the last decade, but it goes without saying that the 36-year-old has most certainly created an empire that’s unstoppable.

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From a cosmetic line, fragrance deals, Super Bowl commercials, clothing stores, multiple spinoff television shows, a mobile gaming app, and a social media following that nets her more than $1 million a month, Kim Kardashian has branded herself in a way that has yet to be replicated by another celebrity with a sex tape.

There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian uses her sex appeal to generate further publicity and income, as seen with her infamous Paper magazine cover, where the mother-of-two opted for a full-on nude photoshoot that was so outrageous, even fans complained about it.

Of course, scandals and controversy have helped Kim Kardashian hold on to her title as being the self-proclaimed biggest reality star in the world. The sex tape has more or less just been an additional asset to many of Kim Kardashian’s publicity-driven campaigns.

It’s important to note that when the sex tape was released back in 2007, many outlets had claimed that Kris Jenner allegedly convinced her daughter to sell the rights to Vivid. That story, of course, is very different to Kim Kardashian’s claims, saying that the footage leaked and regardless of whether she sold the rights to an adult entertainment studio, it was going to hit the internet either way.

Kim Kardashian is now known to be one of the most successful women in Hollywood, thanks to her successful empire that continues to bank millions every single year.

So, are you convinced that the sex tape is the reason why Kim Kardashian has gotten as far as she has, or do you agree with her claims that she’s just a very hard-working businesswoman who happens to have a raunchy video of herself on the internet?

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