Joe Scarborough: Low Tax Rates For Super Rich Are ‘Immoral’ [Video]

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough criticized GOP tax policies and argued that the rich should pay more in taxes on Morning Joe.

His comments are sure to ruffle the feathers of the Norquist-allied members of his own party, but Scarborough’s perspective reflects a growing trend on the GOP side that the party at large is open to putting revenues on the table as we attempt to avert the fiscal cliff. Warren Buffett argued for a 30% tax rate on the super rich in an op-ed today, and Scarborough discussed a similar op-ed by Steve Rattner. His post argued that President Obama should raise the tax rate on capital gains to 28%.

“You see again this huge divide between the richest Americans and the poorest Americans… and you sit there going, you know what, these people that live in these mansions and have private jets and live an extraordinary life like few Americans live — they can probably deal with a 20% tax rate on capital gains instead of 15%,” Scarborough said.

“Why are we fighting and risking our majorities protecting billionaires that are hedge fund guys who are paying 14% tax rates?” he asked.

“There’s something immoral about these people paying fourteen, fifteen, sixteen percent of their taxes because the tax rates are the way they are while small business owners who make $250,000 a year in Manhattan and may employ four people are paying a 35% tax rate,” Scarborough concluded.

Here’s the video of Joe Scarborough talking tax reform on Morning Joe:

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