WWE Rumors: Stone Cold Steve Austin Left WWE On Bad Terms, Reason Why He Left Revealed

There is a lot of speculation about Stone Cold Steve Austin’s current relationship with WWE, but some huge details have been revealed about why The Texas Rattlesnake is done working with WWE for the foreseeable future. For the first time in years, Austin missed Wrestlemania weekend this year in Orlando. His absence has created a lot of speculation about his current relationship with WWE, which could be on shaky ground.

Stone Cold has been mostly absent from WWE programming over the past few years. He’s done some work on the WWE Network and interviewed some WWE stars for “The Stone Cold Podcast,” but there hasn’t been another edition of the show since the interview with Dean Ambrose received such poor reviews by the WWE Universe and the powers that be. He has also made few appearances on Raw or SmackDown over the years.

He’s been vocal about his last appearance on WWE programming being the last time he will be seen inside a WWE ring. At Wrestlemania 32, Austin shared another Wrestlemania moment with Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels. The WWE Universe didn’t want to believe that was the last time Stone Cold would be in a WWE ring, but it seems Austin and WWE aren’t on the same page. They may not even be reading the same book.

WWE Could Be Bringing Back the Stone Cold Podcast
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It’s been reported over the past few days that the reason why Stone Cold Steve Austin is finished with WWE is because his contract to produce podcasts on the WWE Network has expired. Since both parties haven’t done a podcast episode since the one with Dean Ambrose, it wasn’t a big loss for either side to simply let the deal expire. It’s very likely that Stone Cold met with WWE while he was at Raw recently to discuss the contract.

There’s been speculation about WWE having heat with him about the podcast with Ambrose. Unfortunately, it’s not confirmed that is what eventually lead to both parties agreeing to go their separate ways. The belief is that WWE officials and Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t leave on good terms because of his absence during Wrestlemania weekend in Orlando. Many people were surprised that Austin was not a part of the weekend.

The WWE Universe is questioning Austin’s current relationship with WWE because of what happened last weekend. Apparently, Stone Cold was on the list for both Kurt Angle and DDP to induct them into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, the company shied away from using him despite the history he had with both men, and especially with Kurt Angle. The real surprise was Stone Cold not being in attendance at all that night.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Left WWE For Good
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Stone Cold doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for skipping Wrestlemania weekend this year, but there was no specific reason given, which has lead to a lot of speculation. It’s also just odd since he’s always been vocal about enjoying the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, but not being there for Kurt Angle or DDP is very strange.

The WWE Universe may have to come to grips with the fact that Wrestlemania 32 could be the last time we see The Texas Rattlesnake inside a WWE ring for quite some time. He’s turned down any kind of comeback for a match similar to Goldberg’s recent run. Even if things were good between Austin and WWE, it doesn’t seem like he would be featured on WWE programming on a regular basis, so some time apart may be good.

It’s highly unlikely that the WWE Universe has seen the last of Stone Cold Steve Austin on WWE television or the WWE Network forever. If there is some tension between WWE officials and Stone Cold, then some time apart may be the right thing, and the two sides will work together at some point in the future.

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