‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Recap: Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik’s Characters’ New Journey Begins

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 13 ended on a plot changing twist. It will be interesting to see in which direction the story moves now, and how the titular character deals with criminals and threats sans her powers.

Here is a recap of what happened in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 13.

The episode picks up right where it left off in Episode 12. Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) seeks Ahn Min Hyuk’s (Park Hyung Sik) help to find her friend, Na Kyung Shim (Park Bo Mi). Before knocking at his doors, she had gone to the junkyard to look for her friend, but both her friend and the kidnapper, Kim Jang Hyun (Jang Mi Kwan), were not there.

A worried Min Hyuk assures Bong Soon, who is crying non-stop, that nothing will happen to her friend and hugs her. He also figures out that Gook Du’s ex-girlfriend was just a bait to hoodwink the police, and the kidnapper’s real target was Kyung Shim. Min Hyuk fears for Bong Soon’s safety as Jang Hyun knows that she and Kyung Shim are friends.

He wants her to keep him informed and not try to solve everything on her own. He fastens a chain around her neck and requests her to wear it all the time. The chain’s pendant contains a micro-tracking device. Later, he drops her home.

At the police station, Gook Du (Ji Soo) tells his boss his theory that initially the kidnapper only went after skinny girls with small body frames, but he changed his strategy when he found out about their line of investigation. Now, he is driven by grudge, revenge, and obsession because of Bong Soon, who had stopped him from kidnapping her friend.

The police dig out details about the kidnapper’s past. They discover that he was not drafted into the army because of his psychiatric record, and at the age of 15, he was sent to a juvenile reformatory because he had killed a person via an arson. And his immigration record reveals that he never went to Sudan or South Africa as told to them by his helper when they had visited the junkyard on previous occasions. Gook Du decides to pay a visit to the junkyard again, although they have not been able to find anything suspicious there. His instinct says that they might not be seeing the obvious.

It is the big presentation day for Bong Soon, but instead of going to the office, she heads toward the junkyard without informing anyone. Later, Min Hyuk cancels the presentation and schedules it for next day.

At the junkyard, when the helper refuses to answer her questions, Bong Soon uses her strength to move the cars and flip them upside down. The kidnapper watches her destroy her junkyard on his monitor. He is gobsmacked and is unable to stop her from finding his secret dungeon.

The secret hideout’s door opens when a car hits its outer wall. Bong Soon sees that and steps inside the passage that leads to the underground dungeon. Soon, she finds the abducted girls locked inside separate cells. She does not need keys to open the cells’ doors, uses her strength to pull out the cells’ door frames and free the girls. Her friend, however, is not there. One of the girls informs her that the kidnapper took Kyung Shim with him.

Before taking off with Kyung Shim, the kidnapper tells his helper to blow up the whole place, making it the death bed for the girls and Do Bong Soon. The helper does as ordered, but the strong woman manages to beat the fire and the falling debris to emerge outside with the three girls. Gook Du and the rest of the police force soon arrive. Do Bong Soon walks out from there before anyone could see her, while the girls are taken to the hospital.


Min Hyuk, who has found out about Bong Soon’s whereabouts thanks to the tracking pendant, spots Bong Soon and gives her a ride. He is mad at her for not informing him when he had especially told her not to go alone and that he would come with her. She is sorry about it. He comes to know that her friend was not among the hostages who were rescued by her. Later, he is shown worried, frustrated, and angry because of Bong Soon’s solo escapades.

The next day at the office cafeteria, Bong Soon finally shows Gook Du the video that the kidnapper had sent her. She requests him to stop the police from getting involved, if they do, her friend’s life will be in danger. Gook Du corrects her that they are already involved and are searching for the kidnapper. When she begs him, he tells her that they will do closed investigation. Also, he agrees not to tell anyone that she rescued the hostages (he later confides in his boss and asks him not to reveal the details).

Min Hyuk watches them from far, and after their conversation is over, he takes Bong Soon to the library. They have a heated argument because they truly care about each other. He wants to know what does he mean to her, adding that he knows that he is not her priority. He tells her that he cannot stop worrying about her, although he knows that she is special. He is going crazy thinking that she had gone all alone to confront the kidnapper.

When Bong Soon reminds him that he knew that she was different, Min Hyuk tells her that he knew that, but he did not know that he would begin to love her very much. Bong Soon is quiet hearing the love confession, and after a brief pause, she tells him that she cannot date him while her friend’s life is in danger. She tries to put a final nail in their budding relationship by saying that they were never suited for each other, and he can continue living his comfortable life while she will continue being a monster. He is taken aback hearing that and says, whether he looks easy to her because he is madly in love with her.

She walks away because she thinks that if he stays by her side, he will be in danger. Min Hyuk, on the other hand, does not want to lose someone he loves once again. He wants her to stay by his side.

After their heated argument in the library, Bong Soon avoids Min Hyuk and also turns down his offer to have lunch with him. When he returns after the lunch break with chicken legs for her, he finds her not at her desk. There is a note from her on his table, in which she informs him that she had taken a day off.

Later, the tracking device alerts him when she steps out of her home. The kidnapper had sent Bong Soon a text message, asking her to come alone to a construction site. Min Hyuk informs Gook Du, saying that he is the only police officer he trusts.

When Bong Soon reaches the construction site, she hears the kidnapper’s voice welcoming her. She does not see him but soon spots her friend. The kidnapper has bound and gagged her, and he, wearing his mask, is standing inside a construction box lifter. The box lifter is right above Kyung Shim, and it starts to cascade down.

Before it could crush Kyung Shim, Bong Soon stops it with her hand and pushes the heavy box away from them. She saves her friend but ends up losing her powers. The man inside the box turns out to be an innocent man and not the kidnapper. As per the curse, she loses her super-strength. After that, she is unable to take on the kidnapper, but Min Hyuk and Gook Du reach the spot and stop him from hurting her.

Bong Soon collapses in Min Hyuk’s arms. And Gook Du pulls his gun’s trigger to stops the kidnapper from escaping in his car. A bullet hits him.

Also in the episode, Baek Soo Tak (Im Won Hee) ditches his new monk life when he learns that the government has approved the redevelopment project. And Bong Soon’s mother gets in an unnecessary fight with her husband and Gook Du’s writer mother when she sees them coming together after attending a charity event.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon airs every Friday and Saturday on JTBC.

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