‘Colossal’ Lets Anne Hathaway Proudly Send Her ‘Freak Flag Flying’

Colossal is a deviation from Anne Hathaway’s usual films, or, at least, that’s what critics are saying, as they try to squeeze Colossal into one of the niches Ms. Hathaway’s fans tend to fit. In truth, Anne confesses that she’s long neglected the part of her personality that finds comfort in films like Colossal, not that there are many such blends of the comedy and the monster movie. In fact, Anne also shares her thoughts on the difficulty of trying to explain Colossal to people who have not yet seen her latest film.

What is Colossal About? Don’t Ask Anne Hathaway

'Colossal' defies quick summaries, say the film's stars. [Image by Brightlight Pictures]

As Entertainment Weekly shares, Anne’s filmography is filled with titles that are relatively easy to sum up in a sentence or two, but Colossal is a different story. Both Hathaway and her Colossal co-star Jason Sudeikis both agree that there is no easy way to describe the plot, and also no fast sell to quickly spellbind potential film goers or compel critics to view the new flick as something worthwhile in a quirky and fanciful way.

Ms. Hathaway suggests that, at its briefest, it takes one nearly five minutes to explain the plot of Colossal and she may be right, considering how much is going on in this nearly two-hour blend of monsters and laughs.

Colossal tells the story of Gloria (Hathaway), who ends up back home, after her boyfriend gives her the boot and she drops into a never-ending cycle of self pity and booze. Sudeikis plays the old hometown friend who comes to the rescue, offering Gloria a job at his bar.

Sounds like a typical Anne Hathaway rom-com, right?

Except that Gloria soon learns that she’s inexplicably connected to a monster on the other side of the world. This monster, something similar to Godzilla, is destroying Seoul, as Anne’s Colossal character can only stand by and watch.

“Movies like this, you don’t see them that often, and they don’t come along that often,” Hathaway says. “It’s weird and fresh and successful — at least I think so. So I just kind of gave over to the experience and really enjoyed it every day.”

Anne Hathaway Says Colossal Feels Like She’s Coming Home

It isn’t just movie critics taking note of Anne Hathaway’s latest film, shares the Hollywood Reporter. The actress says she has received a number of comments about her involvement in Colossal, pointing out that the creature feature is something unusual for her. In response, Hathaway says those comments only prove that her fans don’t know her as well as they think.

“I sort of feel like [it’s] a coming home,” Hathaway said of Colossal. “I think I’m probably a lot weirder on the inside than I’ve let out, so maybe this is the beginning of the freak flag flying.”

Aside from the monster in Colossal, Anne says she was drawn to the film’s lead, because Gloria is a complex and likable hot mess. She says the character is both selfish and caring and it was that kind of a conflicting nature that made the character so alluring to the actress. While much of Colossal deals with the monster and its connection to Gloria, Hathaway also found the real-world problems of her character to be equally compelling.

“I think she’s like a lot of us,” explained Ms. Hathaway. “You know, nobody has it together all the time.”

This is certainly not the first time Anne has deviated from her expected genre films. Previously, Ms. Hathaway made a lasting impression as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and turned in a passionate performance in the 2014 sci-fi epic Interstellar.

Colossal hits theaters on April 21.

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