Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Renew Vows After Rehab Stint: Overcome Alleged Cheating Affairs For New Beginning

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are planning to renew their vows on June 29, marking their 12th wedding anniversary, it has been revealed.

The couple, who have had their fair share of ups and downs in the last two years, are amazed by the fact that they've managed to work through their marital problems, mainly because Jenner had filed for divorce in 2015.

Following allegations concerning Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction, along with allegations regarding a supposed affair with the family's nanny, Christine Ouzounian, Garner pulled the plug and was ready to end her marriage right then and there.

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But as time progressed and Ben Affleck reportedly proved himself to be a changed man, Jennifer reconsidered the idea of finalizing the divorce — not only because Ben claimed to have changed his ways, but also for the sake of their family.

Jennifer Garner told Vanity Fair in March, 2016, that she still loved Ben, adding that she was gutted by the thought of imagining never getting to dance with her husband at one of their children's wedding.

Ben Affleck has really pulled his weight in recent months, having successfully completed a program in rehab to beat his alcohol addiction, and he's also grown to love attending church with his wife and kids.

To say that Ben Affleck has turned his life around would be an understatement, and from what Life & Style has gathered, as cited by Gossip Cop, Jen and her husband want to celebrate it. With their anniversary just two months away, Garner and Affleck most certainly want to renew their vows, marking it as a new chapter in their life.

"Now that Ben Affleck has completed a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction, his marriage to Jennifer Garner has been rehabbed, too," a source tells the news outlet. "Things are going so well between Ben and Jen, both 44, they've decided to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary on June 29 with an intimate vow renewal ceremony."

The insider goes on to mention that, "After the last few years that they've had, Jen is ready for a celebration. Ben Affleck has completely turned his life around. Not only is he sober, he's attending marriage counseling sessions and goes to church with Jen every Sunday."

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Jennifer had hoped to renew the vows in West Virginia, her hometown, but after having discussed it with Ben Affleck, they reportedly decided to change the location to Mexico — somewhere hot and sunny, with family and friends in attendance, of course.

Through marriage counseling, rehab, and faith, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner think that by renewing their vows, it just proves how hard they have both worked to get to the point where they can both look at one another and be grateful that neither one of them gave up on their marriage.

The source concludes by saying, "Jen and Ben have both worked so hard to get to this point, and they're ready to show their kids, their family and their friends that they're stronger than ever."

During her promotional run for her movie, Miracles From Heaven, Jennifer revealed that she made daily prayers a priority in her life, asserting that it completely lifted her mood and subsequently helped her through challenging times.

No matter how busy Jen and Ben Affleck are with their careers, they have both made it a priority in their household to always make time for church at least once a week. It's been rare not to see the family photographed attending a service on a Sunday, showing that they have completely dedicated themselves to faith and religion.

And from how things have turned out with Ben Affleck's marriage, it certainly seems to have worked in their favor.

What do you make of Ben Affleck being given another chance by Garner? Are you happy for the couple?

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