WWE News: Vince McMahon Prohibited Current Stadium Name To Be Said During ‘WrestleMania 33’

With over 75,000 reportedly in attendance, WrestleMania 33 lived up to the hype that all the marquee matches presented. The Undertaker suffered his second loss at the big stage, and it will perhaps be the final time that anyone will see The Deadman compete in the ring. Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg to commence his first reign as WWE Universal Champion, finally getting payback from the WrestleMania XX and 2016 Survivor Series losses, as well as the quick elimination at the Royal Rumble. As The Beast remains on the top of the chart regarding names on Raw, there are talent who will be lined up for him, but will experience great difficulty defeating the champion.

The biggest positive ovation of the night went to Matt and Jeff Hardy, who were surprise entrants in the Raw Tag Team Championship ladder match. The Hardys, after nearly a decade of not teaming with each other in the WWE, were able to defeat Anderson & Gallows, Cesaro & Sheamus, and Enzo & Cass to win the titles once again. On the other hand, Roman Reigns received the most hated response of the evening, especially after he defeated The Undertaker, giving him only his second loss out of 25 trips to the “granddaddy of them all.”

The over 75,000 number in attendance was publicized by WWE as the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. This is one of the most notable names of the venue since its erection in 1936. Since the spring of 2016, Camping World, with Marc Lemonis of The Profit as the acting chairman and CEO, successfully made a bid to claim naming rights of the stadium. Forbes stated, “The Kentucky-based recreational vehicle retailer has agreed to an eight-year naming rights deal with the stadium, which recently underwent a $207 million renovation.”

Lemonis added to the benefit of Camping World being a pivotal part in the renovation of the stadium.

“Florida is a key market for us as we have 14 Camping World SuperCenters in this state, more than any other. Having a stadium naming rights deal in place was extremely important for us as we look toward the future. With 60 million-plus visitors to the Orlando area each year, we look forward to strengthening our brand and supporting the growing RV and camping community that has allowed us to be successful in this market.”

While the popular Camping World has a critical part in the stadium growth, Vince McMahon oddly refuses to acknowledge that. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McMahon apparently outlawed the term to be used during WrestleMania.

“One of the funniest Vince-isms of the week was the decree that the term Camping World Stadium, the site of the show, couldn’t be used. So it was the Citrus Bowl, the old name of the stadium.”

While the difference between Camping World and the Citrus Bowl has no effect on the overall presentation of the event, it is very odd that it would be such a big deal to not be acknowledged by the new stadium name.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons is the competitive nature of Vince McMahon, and how Marc Lemonis has grown such a huge following with his shows, The Profit and The Partner. What makes it even more odd is that both McMahon and Lemonis are both affiliates of NBC, as they have aired shows on the network many times before.

While there is a small chance that this would occur, it would be interesting if Lemonis actually invested in contributing funds in a rival promotion, or even start a new one. This would really give McMahon a reason not to acknowledge the stadium name. Outside of that, no one may even know the reason except Vince himself.

[Featured Image by WWE]